Working Equitation Training Show, Sunday 8 December 2019

Working Equitation Training Show, Sunday 8 December 2019

Unfortunately the show at Ole Stables has been rained out.
They have had around 100ml rain since Tuesday.
The show is being rescheduled, pop around soon to check for new dates.

Sunday 8 December 2019 – Last show of the year!

Equestrians of all ages and training levels are invited to join us for some holiday fun.

Each class and phase will be discussed before giving horse and rider the opportunity to practice and then complete their class.

Ole Stables
Bosbok Street, Pyramid, Pretoria
Tuck shop available on the day.
NO dogs allowed.

Erna Jacobs
or call 081 393 4049

R150 for Levels 0 – 2
R250 for Levels 3 – 4
Venue Levy of R50 p/horse not included.
Paddock or stabling charged at R50 extra and must be booked in advance.

Presented by: Denim & Dust

Poster for Working Equitation Training Show, Sunday 8 December 2019
Working Equitation Training Show, Sunday 8 December 2019

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