Why we don’t use “free lunge” techniques

One of the most common misunderstandings about Natural Horsemanship is the assumption that it is always associated with round penning, or “Free Lunging”. This is because of the widespread success of certain horsemen. We have to be thankful to these horsemen as they certainly brought the need for a less aggressive way of training to the world. Much of what we do is based on the teachings of Great horsemen who DID use these techniques, but I believe these great men would be deeply disappointed if they knew we didn’t keep looking for ways to be lighter and kinder. Some who watch these videos may feel we don’t address the “respect” component enough with these techniques. They would be 100% correct. I do not believe we have any need to work on respect with horses. If we have communication, relaxation, and leadership there is no need for the human understanding of respect, which is based on dominance and fear.
(UN)Fortunately, the horse in the video was far easier than expected on the 3rd session than we had expected, but we do get to discuss how we build trust with an untamed horse. We will do a follow-up on this session with the haltering, and continue to find untamed horses to show how these techniques can be applied on extreme situations.

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