Welcome to Equestrian.co.za

Welcome to Equestrian.co.za!

The South African Equestrian Community is vast and spread out all over the Internet.  Other information available is just as vast and sometimes South African information can get lost and forgotten.  We’ll bring it all together and make it available in one central library because there’s some good stuff out there and sometimes it’s hard to find because it could be anywhere and it just takes so long.

By combining the information, we can provide a good base to start from for horse and rider training available in South Africa. 

Join us on the journey ahead.

Horse Riding and Training

It’s not easy to ride a horse and if you learn what you need you will find horseback riding to be a fantastic way to spend your time.

If you’re thinking of horses as a sport, it is a very demanding sport, not just for the horse, you have control of an animal that has it’s own mind and can weigh between 300 and 1000 KG or more, that’s a ton of muscle!  This does depend on the kind of horse you want to learn more about and what type of riding you want to do.  If you’re looking to enter competitions and shows, you will find the standard is very high, bring on your game!  

We will be adding info on many of the horse breeds in South Africa as well as the different disciplines available here.  We can’t ignore what happens internationally either, there are many proficient trainers and riders all over our planet that we can learn heaps from.  If you want us to include any other information or just need general information or queries on advertising on the website, please let us know by using the form:

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HQ Magazine

AskHQ: Splints

Q: What causes splints in horses? A: Splints are inflammation or injury of the splint bones in the lower leg and/or the adjacent bones (such as the canon bone) and/or the associated ligaments. Splints are most commonly seen in young horses training at very high intensity levels, such as Thoroughbreds.

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HQ Magazine

AskHQ: Colour vision

Q: What colours can horses see? A: Horses are not colour blind but they can’t see the same colours as we do. Horses have what we call ‘dichromatic vision’, meaning that they differentiate colours in two wavelength regions. Humans have ‘trichromatic vision’, meaning that we see in three-colour wavelengths. Horses

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Matteo’s Restaurant at Annabel’s – Mayfair, London, UK

The British eccentric interior design is a bit excessive for those of us with minimalist leanings, but if anyone can handle it, it would be Martin Brudnizki https://mbds.com/. The new owner of the private club Annabel’s, Richard Caring, often taps Brudnizki as he did when he moved Annabel’s in 2018  and again this year, when he […]

The post Matteo’s Restaurant at Annabel’s – Mayfair, London, UK appeared first on The Cool Hunter.

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HQ Magazine

AskHQ: Double trouble

Q: How often do horses have twins? A: Twins are conceived as a result of the stallion’s sperm fertilising two eggs released when a mare double ovulates. Thoroughbreds and Warmbloods are the most likely to have mutliple ovulations, and they therefore tend to have more twins than other breeds. However,

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HQ Magazine

AskHQ: Falling safely

Q: What is the best way to fall off safely? A: When we ride, we of course aim to stay on the horse at all times! However, horses are unpredictable and some situations are simply out of our control. Each fall is circumstantial and we often don’t have enough time

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