Ted Pim Portrait Paintings


Ted Pim, the Northern Irish artist whose work we have represented exclusively for some time, is surprising us again.


His darkly moody paintings, channelling old masters and oozing drama and covert tragedy have so far covered floral subjects in various stages of becoming undone.

1 Side

Now he has applied his melodramatic touch on portraits. Once again, he has chosen sombre and enigmatic subjects and given them an extra touch of theatre.

5The portraits seem to be in an unexpected state of dilution, dripping colour and appearing to self-destruct. 


In addition, Pim has created a 3D effect as he has raised the centre of the canvas by stretching it over multiple levels of wood.

Ted Pim is represented exclusively by The Cool Hunter globally. To enquire about Ted’s flower paintings email bill@thecoolhunter.net



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