This beautiful location near Phalaborwa, South Africa, is home to an organisation offering

This beautiful location near Phalaborwa, South Africa, is home to an organisation offering competent, experienced riders the chance to ride out daily in a remote and peaceful area. Volunteers will assist with all yard activities and will have the opportunity to ride out with guests on safari where they will be able to view the local wildlife. There may also be the option to visit the local school and take part in projects designed to help the local communities. Any volunteers passionate about horses can immerse themselves for two weeks in the day-to-day running of a horseback safari operation with daily rides out into the bush where they will learn about animal behaviour, horses and their natural habitat which also is home to a wide variety of African wildlife. Experience the African bush and the resident wildlife from the back of a horse – an unbeatable experience. Volunteers will have the chance to join guests on a horseback safari when they will sleep out on the reserve in pop-up tents. The safaris will be in areas that attract wildlife but volunteers and guests will be accompanied by the local guides at all times. Volunteers will be expected to be experienced riders and be competent in all paces as a minimum requirement. They must ride regularly and be able to feel comfortable and in control of horses with whom they are not familiar. The horses are predominantly Boerperd crosses, a home-grown breed that is well adapted to South African conditions. Riding is done in English tack and details of riding experience will be required to assess whether a volunteer will be suited to this project. Comfortable accommodation and evenings around the fire under the African sky are just some of the extras to be enjoyed at this wonderful project.

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