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River Bend Horse Trails

Thanks to Nadia from River Bend Horse Trails for answering our questions! Check out their info below:

Where are you based?

We located in Elands Rivier in the Eastern Cape just 20km from Uitenage and 30km outside Port Elizabeth. We are right next to Cocks Comb Mountain in the Elands Rivier Nature Reserve.

What rides do you offer and are they suitable for everyone?

We have rides down to the river where the clients can swim with their lovely steeds, purchase a picnic basket, relax and soak up the sun.

Rides can be challenging for beginners as there are a lot of up and down hills and certain areas can be tricky. They are therefore only suitable or people with some riding experience. Our horses are all fairly easy rides, but it’s more the route that is challenging. 

Tell us about your pony parties.

For pony parties you choose your horse and notify your handler as to how would you like your pony dressed up. The ponies are ‘dressed’ before boxing to the venue. Pony parties usually last about 2 hrs and the kids get to ride and groom the pony to their heart’s content. 

 Tell us about your horses.

We have 6 spectacular horses and I take one each time to guide the trail. 

My horses are Zodiac and Verni. Zodiac is a sport horse standing 16.3 hands tall. He’s 5 years old and whilst he’s brave and bold, he is still green and very baby to ride. I prefer to ride him for the trail rides to get him exposed to more of the area. He was bred by Audrey Moolman and I compete him. 

Verni is a 15.2 Friesian of the Baroque type. He’s a stocky, sturdy schoolmaster who enjoys his DRASA (competitive trail riding) events, hacking and dressage. He’s a very willing chap. 

Serenity is Richard’s horse. She is a sweet 8 years old mare. She is round about 14.3 hands high. She’s a very brave, willing little mare that has a lot of scope. She was also a previous qualifier at DRASA.  

Coco is a mare of around 14 hands. She’s 8 years old and a bit more sensitive than the rest. She’s very forward going but loves her cuddles and carrots. 

Casper is a white Welsh Cob pony. He’s about 12 years old and is a short, stocky little guy that the kids absolutely adore. He’s a favourite for pony parties.  

Jingles is a Grey Roan Boerperd standing at 15 hands high. He is a sweet docile horse that was previously a riding school horse. He has a lot of patience and also competed in a few DRASA events.

How do you train your horses?

I am a big believer in Monty Roberts, when it comes to join-up, lunging and so forth. 

Also my coach Gary Allpass trains me personally at home and has given me a lot of great exercises to work with. He has provided so much input into my riding career. 

Who works at River Bend Horse Trails?

So there’s me – I have been riding for 18 years now. I started at 11 years old when a girl took me to her stable yard and offered for me to ride with her. Ever since then my bum has been firmly in the saddle! Hahaha!

Richard owns River Bend Horse Trails. He’s been riding for about 4 years now and he enjoys his time on the farm with the horses. 

Reinecke has a full time job so he just helps us occasionally. He started riding two years ago and has absolutely fallen in love with horses and hopes to continue he’s journey with them in the long run. 

How did River Bend Horse Trails start? 

Richard is the founder of River Bend. We both shared ideas and made it happen!

Can people book trails now?

Yes people are welcome to book now and put a deposit down with a date that suits them best. If there are any weather implications on the day the ride will be postponed and rescheduled.

To contact River Bend Horse Trails:

Website: www.riverbendtrails.co.za

E-mail: Adventure@riverbendtrails.co.za

Cell number: 0827705914 (Nadia)

Prices and information

2 hour trail ride: R400-450 p.p

Picnic basket: R250 for two sharing. 

Trail ride morning ride is at 9am. 

Trail ride afternoon ride is 2pm. 

Don’t forget to please bring your costume with you as if it’s a lovely day we can have a swim in the water. 

Pony parties can be arranged for anything from R800 to R1000, depending on the location and travel details. 


River Bend Horse Trails

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