Rider profile: Nicola Sime-Riley

Current 2018 Rankings:

6th: Fulvic Connoisseur

7th: Sunny Park Stables Elpaso

Who are your main horses for Derby?

The horses I plan on having in the main SA Derby are Sunny Park Stables Elpaso and Fulvic Connoisseur.

Jacqui S Photography

Tell us a bit about them

They are both triers. Elpaso has a lot of personality – he squeals and bucks when he’s having fun. Con can have that ‘wild side’ at times and I call him my wolf in sheep’s clothing…. Butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth  one minute and then all of a sudden he can explode and act like a stallion…. He’s such a kind stallion though: he even kisses to my five year old daughter at the stables!

Will your family be at the Derby?

My family make a day of Derby – we normally have a table of eats at the truck with everyone: family, friends and clients, where everyone sits and eats and talks and enjoys the day out like a picnic. They also book seats in the grandstands to watch from there: they love the atmosphere.

What makes Derby so special?

I just love the vibe of Derby – it’s such a different show in all aspects. Both Con and El are feeling fit and strong! They are both real triers: brave, bold and willing and I think they love it as well… Well, that’s what I tell myself. El squeals and plays a lot which makes me smile.

What about the track?

There isn’t a fence that scares me in the Derby track but I would say the bank to the plank is the one that I think I have to really ride properly!

What do you do between classes?

I don’t relax between classes…Relax?!? What is that? Lol. I have too many horses to ride to relax! It’s difficult to eat at shows properly as I have so many horses to ride. I do try to eat something substantial for lunch… But time is always my nemesis at shows. I eat breakfast EVERY morning. I wake up starving and always eat a healthy dinner too. Maybe a few unhealthy snacks in between but who doesn’t do that!?

Here are the horses Nicola will ride throughout the Derby show as well as their grades:

Fulvic Connoisseur 150 (thank you to Western Shoppe for joining in his sponsorship),

Sunny Park Stables Elpaso 150 (thank you to Stubben for their sponsorship here),

Sunny Park Stables Crispin 135,

Sunny Park Stables Chandecure 135,

Sunny Park Stables Insaghi 140,

Sunny Park Stables Eagles Lazer 140,

Reach for gold 140 (owner Kay Schofield),

Contessa 130 (owner Kay Schofield)

Jacqui S Photography

Rider profile: Nicola Sime-Riley

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