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Lumps and bumps – When you need to worry

Lumps and bumps are all too common in our equine friends. Some just need a ‘watch and wait’ approach and others need urgent veterinary attention. The difficulty comes in differentiating between the two variants. Over the next few days we will be running through several of the common causes of lumps and bumps, and what you need to do about them.

TOP TIP: You need to know what is ‘normal’ for your horse. As owners we must do a top-to-tail scan of our horses at least once a week to ensure that any changes are picked up promptly. Invariably, the earlier something is found, the better the outcome.

If you notice a new lump or bump on your horse there are five questions you need to ask yourself before you pick up the phone to your vet. This will help your vet to assess what they need to do and how urgently they need to respond:

  1. Where is the lump? You need to try and be as specific as possible as to the lump’s location on your horse’s body. Often location can be a clue as to origin.
  2. How long has it been there?
  3. What does it feel like? Is it hard and bony or soft and squishy? Is it stuck to the underlying skin or is it mobile?
  4. Is it a painful lump? Or does it seem to be itchy?
  5. Is your horse showing any other symptoms? For example lameness, fever, shortness of breath or general malaise.

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Lumps and bumps – When you need to worry

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