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Leg low-down: suspensory ligament injuries

Suspensory ligament injuries may also cause the tendon sheath to swell and the joint capsule to distend, similar to the appearance created by windgalls. However, the presentation is rarely as symmetrical as that caused by windgalls. Sprain of the suspensory ligament and its branches is common. Injuries tend to occur suddenly with resultant heat and swelling. The degree of lameness varies depending on the location and severity of the injury.


There’s usually pain when direct pressure is applied to the injured part of the ligament, and also when the fetlock is flexed. Your vet will, however, need to perform an ultrasound scan to confirm the diagnosis and find out the exact extent of the damage.


Your vet will give advice tailored to your specific situation. Options include box rest and restricted exercise; cold hosing; laser therapy and stem cell treatment.

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Leg low-down: suspensory ligament injuries

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