Leading Your Horse to Get Control

Khusen Rustamov
Khusen Rustamov

There are some people who try to lead their horse by controlling their head with a lead rope.  This results in them pulling or jerking the lead rope and the horse will pull back or push around the person with the lead rope.

There should be some slack in the lead rope as you are leading your horse because you don’t want to pull or jerk him.  When the horse moves the wrong way, you will then stop and make him move the right way by making him move his body.

To successfully have control the secret is having control over your horse’s body.  To do this you control his feet by making him move his rear end away from you.  This is also known as disengaging the hindquarters.  This works well because it will alleviate stiffness and tension while almost force your horse to focus on you.

There are several methods you can use to get your horse to move his rear end away from you.  Most of the time, you can stand facing his shoulder and point to his hip.  If he doesn’t move keep pointing and cluck at him.  Tap him with the lead rope while clucking at him, if he still doesn’t move.

When he does move, take the pressure off him immediately.  Make sure to pat him and tell him “Good Boy!”  Then ask for another move.  Then you will repeat it all again and asking for more steps.  You will need to remember to do this on both sides of the body.  It won’t be long and you will simply point at his hip and he will move them for you.  You will need to do this everyday for a while in order to get it into his mind that you are in control.

After you have moved him, turn your body to walk forward while holding your lead line.  You will notice a big difference.  Your horse has focused his attention on you.  He is aware of your movement and what you are doing.  If he messes up because of being distracted or something scared him, all you have to do is move his rear end again.  It won’t be long and your horse will start gauging your pace and keep up with you at the same pace.

Move your horse hindquarters, if your horse starts getting ahead of you while you are leading him.  You will repeat the same action if your horse starts lagging behind you.  Every time he deviates from your side, you will repeat the process of moving his hindquarters.

Good control leading your horse is the most basic training techniques there is.  It is also the method by which you can get your horse into a trailer, moving them around, bathing them, and even riding them.  Your horse will learn through these techniques to be soft and responsive.  If your horse is soft and responsive while you are on the ground, you will have the same kind of horse while you are in the saddle.

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