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Jack (at left) just minutes after moving in with Atty, his first roommate in several years. Now that's a happy horse! Photo: Michelle Anderson A year ago I was ready to give up on my Quarter Horse gelding, Jack. But, first, it’s important to note
Winter weather, ugh. The rain, snow, and ice have definitely slowed down work with my horses, including the soon-to-be-3-year-old filly I accidentally bought last fall. So, cozied up with a cup of coffee, I recently started making a list of the
In my last post I asked for input on what you believe a young horse should learn, and one commenter suggested teaching my youngster a word for reassurance to use when we’re faced with something scary.That got me listening to myself as I moved
Some disaster areas, such as Moore, Oklahoma, after the 2013 tornado, can look like war zones. Photo: Maj. Geoff Legler/Wikimedia Commons If you choose to volunteer in an emergency or disaster situation, there are a number of very important factors
Funds for land acquisition and trail development are drying up. Photo: Each horse needs about two acres of land to meet its basic exercise, shelter, and forage needs. In addition, owners and riders need land for their horse-related
There are countless hoof products and practices—both verifiable and unverifiable—out there that the author says have become more popular due to salesmanship rather than evidence. Photo: Erica Larson "Evidence-based” is recent buzzphrase that is
That neat idea I had eight years and thousands of dollars ago is only now paying off with what I originally set out to produce: My next show hunter. Photo: Alexandra Beckstett While I was interviewing theriogenologists Drs. Ben Espy (DVM, Dipl. ACT)
The EDCC will provide accurate information and real-time alerts when disease outbreaks occur. Photo: Kevin Thompson/ In 2010 the American Horse Council (AHC) and the USDA initiated creation of the National Equine Health Plan to improve
Dr. Martin Nielsen helped launch the first crowdfunding project for equine research. Photo: Steve Patton, Courtesy Dr. Martin Nielsen Until about a year ago, I had heard the terms “crowdfunding” and “crowdsourcing” several times without fully
The young horses at this Lusitano farm in Brazil are well-conditioned for their future athletic careers, thanks to full-time turnout on varied terrain and good genetics. Photo: Courtesy Dr. Hilary Clayton Horses are products of their genetics and the
In 1921 the USDA established the veterinary accreditation program so private practitioners could assist federal veterinarians in controlling animal diseases. The USDA could not monitor our nation’s horses for emerging or foreign animal diseases or
Equine enthusiasts are always evaluating the horse’s appearance, particularly if they are considering purchasing the animal. Conformation is the term used to describe this appearance and can be broken into principal categories of balance,
When I was starting my veterinary practice 14 years ago, I wanted to do something important with my degree. So I contacted a tiny therapeutic riding program in Orange County that had four horses and only a handful of students. I was poor myself, but
I’ve come to accept that, as a horse owner with a herd at home, I don’t get to celebrate Independence Day like “normal” people. Each year on July 4, as the sun begins to set and lawn chairs get turned toward Pilot Butte (which is basecamp for
Me riding my trainer's mare, Molly, during my last active show season. Even when the dressage coat diet works, I'm still unlikely to tuck my shirt into my breeches, which is a bit of a dressage fashion faux pas. I'm not alone, am I? Photo: Courtesy
I don’t know about you, but for me every day is pretty much “Day of the Horse.” However, if you’re going by the calendar of obscure American holidays, the official National Day of the Horse is Dec. 13. With that in mind, here are some ideas
Horses sold at low-end auctions throughout the country face unknown fates. Photo: iStock I watch horse auction sites from throughout the Pacific Northwest online. Mostly with a heavy heart. The story is always the same. Horses go to the sales yard.
Well-schooled, seasoned stock-type geldings like my homebred Jack used to pull a premium price, but what's he worth today? Photo: Michelle Anderson When I was 8 years old I went to ride a cowboy’s pony gelding named Beaver. After the handsome
Jenny C. helped move Marathon to the trainer so he could take dressage "boot camp" while I'm on the human version of stall rest. Having great friends is a good thing. Photo: Michelle N. Anderson My dressage horse, Marathon, has struggled with
Recently I stood in line at the grocery store behind a mom with three kids, ages ranging from toddler to 6 years old. While the kiddos were definitely cute and not necessarily poorly behaved, mom certainly had her hands full. “I’m
I’ve been back to horse ownership for four months, and I’ll confess: I haven’t made a “quick trip to the barn” yet. Typically, going to the barn has involved catching my gelding, Happy, grooming him while chatting with the other boarders,
This weekend is Breyerfest here in Lexington, an event that promotional banners at our airport have heralded for at least three weeks.  [instagram url=""] For those of you unfamiliar with Breyerfest is, it’s a
We learned in a remarkably popular article on our website recently that sweat marks on a saddle pad can tell you a lot about how the saddle fits. (We also learned that nothing raises the ire of horsewomen like a photograph of a horse with sweat marks
A wise friend once told me that you don’t really know how a relationship will look until a full calendar year passes. The idea is that if you’re still together at that point, you’ve weathered each season and seen all that comes with it (good
Grazing muzzles can allow overweight horses and ponies access to pasture while preventing them from eating too much lush grass. Photo: If you’ve owned or cared for a variety of horses over time, you’ll know that when spring and summer
We horse people can be hard on each other—you don’t have to look far to see it. And nowhere is the disagreement over management methods or training approaches more evident than on social media platforms. One particularly sensitive topic of
Stephanie and Uloa at the conclusion of the 1997 TREC World Championships. Many moons ago I had the opportunity to represent the United States in the first world championships for TREC, a delightful sport aptly referred to as “the adventure sport
Earlier this summer while preparing for the World Championships of TREC, which my teammates and I completed a few weeks ago in Segovia, Spain, I was flipping through a photo album of images from my previous experience participating in the event, 19
One was an attractive roan Thoroughbred gelding with 12 race starts as a 3-year-old. He never placed higher than fourth. The lanky gelding won a touch more than $1,400 before retiring, and I met him as a fleabitten gray nine years later on a farm in
Today, on Giving Tuesday, we pause to contribute to charitable organizations that are meaningful to us. Keeping these groups in mind is important year-round, of course, but today is set apart on the calendar-right after Black Friday, Small Business

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