Horses 4 Hope event

HQ team up with Simon Marrier d’Unienville and Horses 4 Hope to bring you an exclusive event

Simon Marrier d’Unienville, the founder of Horses 4 Hope, is the first (and only) Monty Roberts Certified Instructor in Africa, and of only 66 worldwide. Simon also recently became the 12th Lead-Up Certified Instructor in the world – a groundbreaking Monty Roberts program that has been scientifically proven to reduce violence in at-risk youth using horses. 

Monty, Simon and friends

Horses 4 Hope’s mission is to reduce endemic violence in South Africa by working with at-risk youth using Monty Roberts’ Lead-Up program. They are also working with a team of international specialists to bring Equ-us – the first equine-assisted drug and alcohol recovery program – to South Africa from January 2019. 

To raise funds for the launch of Lead-Up and Equ-us, Horses 4 Hope are running two “Equine Assisted Introduction to Motivational Interviewing” three-day workshops in January. These will be the first workshops of this kind to be held in Africa. The workshops will be taught by Simon and his special guest from Canada, Kris Robins, a clinical social worker and organisational development trainer and consultant who has worked extensively with Monty Roberts and has her own private practice in Canada. 

Monty and Kris Robins

You can learn more about Horses 4 Hope’s programs and partners, find out how you can help or book for one of their Motivational Interviewing Workshops at You can also follow them on Facebook @Horses4HopeSA, Instagram @Horses4Hope_SA or Twitter @Horses4HopeSA. 

Monty and Simon desensitising a horse

HQ are excited to announce that Simon, Kris Robins and Jerry Sparby will be doing a morning demonstration and workshop session at Eaton Farm in Kyalami on 13 January 2019. This workshop will feature:

  • Demonstrations by Simon on Join-Up, a first introduction to the saddle and the desensitisation of the spooky horse. 
  • Brief presentations by the international experts Kris Robins and Jerry Sparby on the programs and the role of Motivational Interviewing in working with horses. 
  • An opportunity to ask the experts questions, and to discuss Monty’s methods. 
  • And, not to forget, lots of great prizes to be won, including a Dually Halter and to signed Monty Roberts books!

The workshop is suitable for all readers who are interested in the methods of Monty Roberts for training their horses, and also for those who are interested in the role of horses in helping and healing humans. For more information or to book for the session, please sign up here or send an e-mail to with subject line ‘Monty Roberts’ to with your name and contact details. There are limited numbers of seats available so sign up now to avoid disappointment. We hope to see you there!

Monty, Simon and their families

Horses 4 Hope event


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