Horse Riding Disciplines You Should Know

Many young kids these days have the opportunity to ride horses by visiting local horse stables, and horseback riding schools where horse riding lessons are being offered. One of the most interesting things about horse riding is the fact that there are quite a few different styles of riding horses, or disciplines.

The English discipline called Dressage is the choice you want to make if you are the type of person who wants to guide your horse through complex maneuvering. You can compete with other riders in a series of tests with increasing difficulty levels when you learn this style of riding.

The Western discipline of horseback riding can be best described by watching cowboys in western movies and television shows. Many people that follow this type of horse riding discpline are cattle herders but many do it becuse it can be fun.

If you are planning to buy a horse or to take up horseback riding lessons, this is actually one of the first things that you need to decide on. Some of the common disciplines include the Hunt Seat, Western, and Dressage, and each one of them make use of different riding equipment or tack.

It is a good idea to become better familiar with all the disciplines, so that you will be able to properly choose which one you want to master and learn.

Go watch a discipline performed by professionals of each discipline first, then you will be able to picture yourself doing the same things and if you like it, investigate it further!

When you get involved with a specific discipline, you can participate in certain types of horse shows or events where judges will rate you and your horse, depending on your performance in jumping over fences, horse control etc. Then everything is judged, even when you let the horse walk, canter, and trot on the flat.

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