Horse health check: 7) Respiratory rate

Horse health check: 7) Respiratory rate

Your horse’s respiratory rate (number of breaths he takes per minute) should be between 10-24 breaths per minute. Just as with heart rate it will be affected by exercise or pain and discomfort. You can measure the respiratory rate by either watching the movement of his nostrils, or the movement of his flank as he breathes in and out. Your vet will probably opt instead to listen to the flow of air, by listening on the trachea with a stethoscope at the bottom of your horse’s neck. If you have a stethoscope available it is worth trying this for yourself, to learn what your horse’s normal breath sounds are like. You want them to be clear rather than wheezy or crackly.

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Zhongshuge Bookstore, Galeries Lafayette, Beijing, China

Nothing seems to slow the expansion of massive Chinese bookstore chains. Once more, we are left slightly stunned by the ambition and scope of the latest addition: a Zhongshuge bookstore located at the Galeries Lafayette department store at Xi’dan Plaza at the corner of Xi’dan North Avenue and Lingjing Hutong in Beijing. Zhongshuge’s first Beijing […]

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Heartfelt Horsemanship

Jamie and Roses’ first ride

Rose is a Quarter Horse mare that is with us for a month's training. Last week Gareth started with a bareback ride on Monday, her first saddled ride was on Tuesday, and Jamie did this ride on Wednesday.
From the first ride we start developing every cue we will need at a walk. Jamie runs through Lateral flexion, Hindquarter disengagement, yielding the forequarters, back up and straight forward. Once these cues are effective at the lightest phase, we introduce the trot/jog and refine the cues. Once this is light we go up to the canter/lope.

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