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SEE RATES: WEBSITE: Horse Riding Grootbos Private Nature Reserve offers an unforgettable horse riding holiday in South Africa with trails through a lush fynbos valley and along the beach. There are two main horseback rides Grootbos has to offer. The one option is to grasp the sheer scale of the 2500 hectare reserve on horseback and ride through the labyrinth of fynbos-clad paths on the reserve. Traverse across valleys bursting with a rich floral diversity and ascend mountains for a spectacular view across this natural jewel nestled in the Cape Floral Kingdom of the Western Cape. This ride is suitable for any level of experience as the wide open spaces mean you can vary between relaxed walks, trots and canters. There are rides every day and it is included in the accommodation few, so feel free to ride until your heart’s content with Grootbos. The other horse riding trail leads through the Walker Bay Nature Reserve and over pristine sand dunes to a long stretch of untouched beach. Let your horse reign free as you reach incredible speeds on a gallop across Die Plaat. This secluded beach is adorned with limestone rocks jutting from the ground and the Atlantic Ocean where the undulating waves caress the beating hooves of your horse. Nothing spells freedom like the wind whipping through your hair and uninterrupted beach to soar across on a powerful creature. This horseback ride is designed for experienced riders and is not included in the price of the accommodation, but it is worth every penny. The beach horse ride is one of those experiences in life that make it worth living. The stables on Grootbos are beautifully maintained by people passionate about horses. The eighteen horses are well-groomed and trained so that people of all levels can enjoy an outride. There are also ponies for the young adventurers that can go on a relaxed outride or walk within the boundaries of the paddock. The children can also help feed and groom the horses as they are very calm. Grootbos is the undiscovered horse riding gem of South Africa with magical experiences just waiting to happen.

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