Digital Painter – Horse Paintings and Photography – Cape Town

I am a digital painter. I switched from oils to digital when I found that the effects I could achieve far surpassed anything I could do in oils alone. I can, and frequently do mix the effects of oils and water colour on one canvas and can then draw the effect of charcoal on top of both.

I can easily switch to using acrylics and chalk or simply using spray paint. The possibilities seem endless and just when I think I know all the effects, I find a new one and open up a whole new window in my method of painting. Each stroke is placed with love and care. I change my style of painting by using a very small brush or a large one, and have the happy anticipation, always, of discovering a new way of doing something. Every painting I do is an original. On sale of a painting I guarantee that it will be deleted from my pc, and you will own the original. I love the subjects in my paintings and hope you will too.


(27)73 623 5083

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