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Show Jumping Gridwork RAWS mistakes and improvements Pixie Feb 2019

Show Jumping Gridwork RAWS mistakes and improvements Pixie Feb 2019

19th Feb 2019

Barn vlog fail!

Barn vlog fail!

18th Jan 2019

RAWS Mia and Pixie, November and December 2018, FIRST RIDE BACK ON MIA and PIXIE TANTRUM kind of

31st Dec 2018

Pixie comes home, progress from last lesson! FAILS included, RAWS.

7th Nov 2018

Week in my life, breeding season and health talk

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16th Oct 2018

Baby Evoque’s Progress, schooling raws and show raws. Rears included!

Baby Evoque’s Progress, schooling raws and show raws. Rears included!

24th Sep 2018

Planning a show sucks! And exciting news!

23rd Aug 2018

Sob stories and news for the future!

5th Aug 2018

sa champs and some cheetahs!!

17th Jul 2018

Getting on the babies for the first time!

13th Jun 2018

Updates, Mia and a snake bite, torn bicep and such…

24th May 2018

Pippa comes first with someone else !

9th May 2018

a week in my life and show prep raws and lots of puppy

28th Apr 2018

Almost a year with the baby stallion ❤ progress video!

18th Feb 2018

Baby sheep, a 4 year old home bred and a cat !


1st Feb 2018

Xmas Eve Vlog with Flatwork Fails on Mia

25th Dec 2017

Sick Dodge is home ! Pre xmas eve vlog AND ALPACAS

23rd Dec 2017

First ride back on Dodge after falling off him MANY BLOOPERS and FAILS

1st Nov 2017

  • Art


    andrew barlow fine art

    Born 1970, Harare, Zimbabwe. Studied Fine Art at University of Stellenbosch, graduating in 1992 with a degree in Fine Arts (Painting). website: andrew barlow fine art

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    Caryn Bowie

    I know horses intimately as an art subject, the musculoskeletal system, the way the coat shines over the muscles and the facial expressions. Pastel drawings of African animals and Racehorses. Digital Photographic Art of African Animals printed on canvas. Mosaic rocks and frames. I live on a wildlife estate in

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    Horse Training Beginners

    Horse Training - A Beginners Guide

    5 Mistakes Horse Owners Often Make When Loading Their Horse

    Mistake #1 – Thinking your horse is like a dog or a cat.

    Unless the new horse owner has been educated, they may think their horse is like a cat or dog.  The new horse owner may pat his thigh and say, “C’mon” a few times and the horse will just leap into the trailer like a happy dog.

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    Horse Training - A Beginners Guide

    Another Method of Loading a Horse in a Trailer

    Since there is no one right way or one wrong way to train a horse, you may want to change the method you are using to train your horse.  You have several different ways to choose from.  If you are not having any luck with one method you can always try another.

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    Horse Training - A Beginners Guide

    Bit vs Bitless


    When it comes to the welfare of the horse, riders and trainers do their best to ensure that the horse is not subject to pain under saddle. One of the most common debates is about training horses to be ridden with a bit and training them to be ridden without a bit. There are many advantages to both methods. For certain situations, a bit may be more efficient than not using one. In other situations, riding without a bit may be more comfortable to the horse than using a bit. It depends on the situation, the training level of the horse, the rider’s abilities, and the goals that you are trying to achieve with your horse as to which method will work best.  

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    Horse Training - A Beginners Guide

    Horse Training – A Beginners Guide

    If you are either looking to buy a horse or maybe you have already acquired a horse.  Either way the will need to be trained.  Whether you do it yourself or hire a trainer to train the horse for you.

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    Horse Training - A Beginners Guide

    Horse training, food for thought for beginners

    You should practice things your horse already knows before introducing something new. New skills should be introduced on something your horse already knows. Building on previously learnt skills is the key to being successful in horse training.

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