‘Casa La Tigre’ is the latest instalment by The Cool Hunter’s favourite digital artist Massimo Colonna. In this newest work, a continuation on the theme of that penultimate symbol of wealth and status, the luxury pool, Colonna has created an Escher-esque tropical fantasy replete with stairs ascending and descending to everywhere, and nowhere. With dappled golden […]

Q: Why is the horse much less common today in art than he was previously? A: Horses have appeared in works of art throughout history, but the number of horses being depicted in major artworks has certainly tailed off over the last few decades. The first reason put forwards for this by art historians is… 

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Chicago-based Luftwerk is an artistic collaboration of Petra Bachmaier and Sean Gallero founded in 2007. The duo explores light, colour and sound in immersive temporary installations that are often based on the topography and history of the site. Earlier this year, they created installations within two of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s famous installations, the Barcelona […]

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Pascale Chandler, a leading Durban painter, established an independent painting studio offering tuition in 1986. Chandler is regarded as an exceptional teacher, with a keen interest in exploring a wide range of mark making, never afraid to experiment with a process that might result in unlocking the magic of the […]

In this ‘Villa Series’ commissioned exclusively for The Cool Hunter, digital artist Massimo Colonna draws inspiration from the architectural styles of the Italian peninsular through the ages as he reimagines his successful ‘Pool Series’ from early 2019. ‘The Villa’ collection of digital pieces again features the pool as the ultimate symbol of luxury, wealth and […]

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The image of the horse holds a unique position in the human psyche. In art, it has long been depicted as an icon of civilization, spanning from the earliest cave paintings to the anatomical scrutiny of the Renaissance. In centuries past we relied on the horse for all aspects of […]
Since the 1970s, Kurt has become particularly well known for his ‘Horse’ series, the mysterious ‘Tomorrow’ series and more allegorical works like the ‘Spirit of Africa’. His farm animals, including rams and bulls, remain popular. These works are cast in bronze and amalgam bronze.  


I am a digital painter. I switched from oils to digital when I found that the effects I could achieve far surpassed anything I could do in oils alone. I can, and frequently do mix the effects of oils and water colour on one canvas and can then draw the effect of charcoal on top of both.

Horses (friesian horses). horse art Call 073 768 3579 Professional Equine artist specializing in horse art and commissions. Awards: One of 23 best fine artists in Westen Cape acredited by the Department of Arts and Culture I am a self-taught Equine Artist born and bred in the Western Cape, South […]
Born 1970, Harare, Zimbabwe. Studied Fine Art at University of Stellenbosch, graduating in 1992 with a degree in Fine Arts (Painting). website: andrew barlow fine art
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I know horses intimately as an art subject, the musculoskeletal system, the way the coat shines over the muscles and the facial expressions. Pastel drawings of African animals and Racehorses. Digital Photographic Art of African Animals printed on canvas. Mosaic rocks and frames. I live on a wildlife estate in […]
Eric Sher ericsher2003@yahoo.com 082 3309 784 Eric Sher Horse Paintings Eric Sher Horse Paintings
Clea Witte clea@telkomsa.net 084 207 6900 Western Cape  

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