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Black+Colour Wedding – Melbourne, Australia

In many cultures, weddings are colourful affairs with costume changes and other colour-adding traditions dating back hundreds of years. In the Westernized world, however,

1st Oct 2019

Inns Whiskey Bar, Chengdu – Sichuan, China

Unlike so many bar designers, Wooton Designers did not take the typical manly whiskey bar ethos and twist it a little when they designed

27th Sep 2019

The WELL, A Private Members Health And Wellness Club – Flatiron, New York

It is clearly the coming-of-age season for co-working spaces, private business clubs and specialized health clubs. We are seeing grown-up options in all three

24th Sep 2019

PUBLIC Hall, Co-working Space, Westminster, London, UK

Coworking spaces have grown up. Gone are the stereotypical – and therefore utterly boring – beanbag, pool table and cereal bar infested startup hubs

19th Sep 2019

Bucephalus – famous horses from history

By Sarah Wanless Certain horses throughout history have generated excitement in the entire population. Put simply, they are ‘famous’. These horses may have created

18th Sep 2019

The SA Derby rider profiles: Nicola Sime-Riley

By Caroline Malan Photo credit: Denford Studios What makes Derby so amazing for you? It’s the biggest show of the year and has the

12th Sep 2019

T. Taller De Cocina, Culinary Workshop – Seville Spain

Sharing a meal and preparing food together are tactile and intimate acts. In the most humble of shelters as in the most luxurious of

10th Sep 2019

Selfridges Buying Offices – London, UK

Selfridges department store on Oxford-Street in London’s Marylebone has been a shopping haven for fans of respected brands for 111 years. In those years,

3rd Sep 2019

The South African Derby: The scoreboard topping equestrian showdown

By Caroline Malan South Africa’s greatest Show-jumping, Dressage and Showing extravaganza, The South African Derby show will be hosted at Kyalami Equestrian Park from

3rd Sep 2019

EQ LIVING August / September 2019

Now, in its sixth year, the annual Equestrian Living Gold List has grown to become America’s leading survey of equestrians’ favorite brands, people, places,

3rd Sep 2019

The Skyscape Rooftop House – Bangkok, Thailand

Urban development is under a microscope – as it should be. We are starting to learn, among other things, from the mistakes that the

1st Sep 2019

‘Casa Delle Suore’ House At Castello Di Reschio – Umbria, Italy (Review)

Six years have elapsed since we last had the pleasure of visiting one of Italy’s most exclusive and best-kept secrets, Castello Di Reschio, way

28th Aug 2019

Ristorante Alle Scuderie – Umbria, Italy

Castello Di Reschio’s recently opened ‘Ristorante Alle Scuderie’ (June 2019) represents a turning point in the evolution of this remarkable Estate we’ve been following

28th Aug 2019

Glass Fruit

This series of glass fruit explores a familiar ornament of another era and reimagines it in a new form. Through the skilled process of

27th Aug 2019

Books Above The Clouds , Duoyun Books -Shanghai, China

Shanghai-based Wutopia Lab, founded in 2013 by architect YU Ting and MIN Erni, has created a 2,259 square-metre (24,316 sq. ft) flagship store for

22nd Aug 2019

No Sunrise No Sunset, Art Biennale Pavilion, Krabi, Thailand

No Sunrise No Sunset is a spellbinding pavilion installation created by Kamin Lertchaiprasert, a Thai artist whose works are included, for example, in the

20th Aug 2019

North No. 27 Shouhehuo Restaurant, Beijing, China

South Sanlitun, Beijing-based DTWZ Studio has converted a 1960s former government canteen in their own neighbourhood into a restaurant that is both brutalist and

7th Aug 2019

Stillness Print Release – Monty Kaplan

‘Stillness’, by Berlin-based photographer Monty Kaplan (Argentina) is a solemn and contemplative piece which instills in the viewer a sense of calmness and serenity.

31st Jul 2019

Villa de Mûrir Beauty Flagship Store, Garosu-gil, Seoul, South Korea

Collective B, a brand and commercial design consultancy located in Seoul, Republic of Korea, has given a new beauty brand, Villa de Mûrir, its

30th Jul 2019

Perianth Hotel, Athens, Greece

Athens, unlike some of the other capitals of Europe, is not a city we would describe as glamorous at first glance. It’s been described

29th Jul 2019

Les Nettoyeurs White’s Dry Cleaners, Montreal, Quebec – Canada

Inexplicably, some aspects of the street-front retail scene seem forever doomed. Dry cleaners and laundry services are a perfect example of this. Yes, we

23rd Jul 2019

14 questions with Barry Taylor

1. How is 2019 treating your string thus far? Companeiro has grown into a top horse this year. He has been 2nd in two

22nd Jul 2019

Eat Darling Eat Dessert Bar, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Eat Darling Eat is a deliciously cute dessert bar located in the busy Fashion Walk shopping centre in Hong Kong’s Causeway Bay. The candy-hued bar

10th Jul 2019

Kaiseki Restaurant Tsukimi, New York, USA

We like many things about the new kaiseki restaurant Tsukimi just opened in Manhattan’s East Village in the basement space previously occupied by Dieci.

10th Jul 2019

Images d’Orient Store, Ashafieh, Beirut, Lebanon

When the items on display are as ornate as the kitchenware and accessories offered at Images d’Orient’s new studio, store and showroom in Beirut,

26th Jun 2019

Blossom School Real Estate Sales Centre, Chengdu, China

Looking at the images of the sweet Blossom School, it is tough to believe that it is a key part of a real-estate sales

25th Jun 2019

Sigar Bespoke Menswear Store, Foshan, Guangdong Province, China

Designers Chen Xiejin and Wen Wei of Construction Union have created a smoothly masculine bespoke menswear store, Sigar Bespoke, in their home town of

23rd Jun 2019

Moon CLUB Nightclub, Prague, Czech Republic

The Moon CLUB is a magnificent nightclub that opened early this year in the vibrant Dlouhá street area of Prague. What makes this 740

22nd Jun 2019

Loong Swim Club, Suzhou, China

We like many aspects of the fantastic Loong Swim Club for parents and children recently completed in a new building in Suzhou, China. Some

21st Jun 2019

L’atelier Pastry School, Bakery And Shop, Barcelona, Spain

L’atelier is a new ‘pastry atelier’ in Barcelona. The initial premise of the founders, pastry veterans Ximena Pastor and Eric Ortuño, was to create

20th Jun 2019

  • Art


    andrew barlow fine art

    Born 1970, Harare, Zimbabwe. Studied Fine Art at University of Stellenbosch, graduating in 1992 with a degree in Fine Arts (Painting). website: andrew barlow fine art

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    Caryn Bowie

    I know horses intimately as an art subject, the musculoskeletal system, the way the coat shines over the muscles and the facial expressions. Pastel drawings of African animals and Racehorses. Digital Photographic Art of African Animals printed on canvas. Mosaic rocks and frames. I live on a wildlife estate in

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    Horse Training Beginners

    Horse Training - A Beginners Guide

    5 Mistakes Horse Owners Often Make When Loading Their Horse

    Mistake #1 – Thinking your horse is like a dog or a cat.

    Unless the new horse owner has been educated, they may think their horse is like a cat or dog.  The new horse owner may pat his thigh and say, “C’mon” a few times and the horse will just leap into the trailer like a happy dog.

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    Horse Training - A Beginners Guide

    Another Method of Loading a Horse in a Trailer

    Since there is no one right way or one wrong way to train a horse, you may want to change the method you are using to train your horse.  You have several different ways to choose from.  If you are not having any luck with one method you can always try another.

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    Horse Training - A Beginners Guide

    Bit vs Bitless


    When it comes to the welfare of the horse, riders and trainers do their best to ensure that the horse is not subject to pain under saddle. One of the most common debates is about training horses to be ridden with a bit and training them to be ridden without a bit. There are many advantages to both methods. For certain situations, a bit may be more efficient than not using one. In other situations, riding without a bit may be more comfortable to the horse than using a bit. It depends on the situation, the training level of the horse, the rider’s abilities, and the goals that you are trying to achieve with your horse as to which method will work best.  

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    Horse Training - A Beginners Guide

    Horse Training – A Beginners Guide

    If you are either looking to buy a horse or maybe you have already acquired a horse.  Either way the will need to be trained.  Whether you do it yourself or hire a trainer to train the horse for you.

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    Horse Training - A Beginners Guide

    Horse training, food for thought for beginners

    You should practice things your horse already knows before introducing something new. New skills should be introduced on something your horse already knows. Building on previously learnt skills is the key to being successful in horse training.

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