‘Casa La Tigre’ is the latest instalment by The Cool Hunter’s favourite digital artist Massimo Colonna. In this newest work, a continuation on the theme of that penultimate symbol of wealth and status, the luxury pool, Colonna has created an Escher-esque tropical fantasy replete with stairs ascending and descending to everywhere, and nowhere. With dappled golden […]

From the Garden House was an exceptional project for the Katowice-based architecture studio KWK Promes. Situated in a secret location in the Polish countryside, the private villa took a path to completion that was unique in more ways than one.  First unusual aspect was the extent of time that it took to complete the entire […]

Designed by Prague-based design and architecture studio Formafatal, Argentinean restaurant Gran Fierro in Prague is the second act in the two firms‘ cooperation. This year, Formafatal principal architects Dagmar Štěpánová and Iveta Tesařová worked with Granfierro founder and CEO, Argentinean restauteur Juan Cruz Pacin to create this new version of Gran Fierro on Myslíkova Street. In […]

Situated at a dramatic upstream bend of the Clyde River that flows down another 10 km into the Tasman Sea on the south coast of Australia’s New South Wales, the Windywoppa retreat was designed by Collins Pennington Architects. The home sits deep within the Ben Boyd National Park near the Nelligen village, just 285 km […]

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When the owners of a property and their collaborators can see the exact same potential in a potentially elaborate renovation, magic can happen. It is rare, but when it does happen the results can be breathtaking. In the case of this large triplex in the Fort Greene neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York, the words magical […]

This past summer, Los Angeles based architecture and design practice Arshia Architects received two awards for its interior design work for Gallery 19C, a project for which the architects designated an internal work code BE29. In its elegant minimalism and retro-futuristic whiteness, the art gallery setting, completed in May 2018, has provided a fitting backdrop for […]

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A family-owned piece of land on Waiheke Island had long been the family’s favourite hiking spot. Taking the 40-minute ferry ride from Auckland’s central city terminal, the family arrived at Waiheke’s ferry terminal year after year to shake off their busy city lives and truly relax. Eventually they also realized that they will never tire […]

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Space is the operative word in more ways than one in the design of NICE Hair Salon in Jieyang by local design firm Double Good Design. At 1,200 square metres (12,916 sq. ft) in total, the two-level salon is large and spacious, and while it was not designed to accommodate Covid-19-specific social distancing rules, it […]

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We have so far covered five massive Zhongshuge bookstores in China, all designed by Shanghai-based X+Living: Beijing, Chongqing, Guiyang, Chengdu and Shanghai. The most recent one in the lineup, opened in July, is located in the city of Ningbo. For all of its stores for Zhongsuge X+Living has drawn its inspiration from the culture, history […]

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New-York-based architect and developer Jared Della Valle, his artist wife Carolina and their two daughters fulfilled the couple’s more than two decade-long-dream of a ‘farmhouse’ by opting for something completely different. Through decisions based on serendipity and determination, they have created a brand-new, minimalist retreat that meets their needs and fulfills their dream yet isn’t […]

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It takes considerable skill to design a house that is brand-new and completely modern yet fits in its rural farmland environment as if it had been there for a long time. The residence that founder Vincent Appel and his team at New York-based Of Possible Architecture designed for a retired couple in the Berkshires, Massachusetts, fits […]

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While no longer new – it was completed in 2017 – the Portland, Oregon, office of Expensify is still one of our favourite office reconfigurations. It features several of our preferred aspects. It is a smart re-purposing project; the space has incredible height and volume, the re-design has not added unnecessary elements or blocked the natural […]

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When Cécile Combelle and Antonio Di Bacco came to Montreal from Paris, they had intended to stay for one year. But they liked the city with its French underpinnings and viciously cold winters and decided to stay and established their architecture and design studio Atelier Barda there in 2012. They have since created numerous elegant projects for […]

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Who knew we would be thinking of the ordinary pleasure of going to a movie in our own city with almost the same desperate longing we used to daydream of lengthy luxury holidays in distant places? For now, it’s no movies and no airline travel until situation clears or eventually stabilizes. In Hong Kong the […]

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The Atherton II residence is located in the Atherton area of San Mateo County, about 46 kilometres (30 miles) from San Francisco. Atherton is regularly ranked as one of the most expensive residential areas of the United States. San Francisco-based Leverone Design has completed several exclusive projects in the area including Atherton II that the […]

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Nothing seems to slow the expansion of massive Chinese bookstore chains. Once more, we are left slightly stunned by the ambition and scope of the latest addition: a Zhongshuge bookstore located at the Galeries Lafayette department store at Xi’dan Plaza at the corner of Xi’dan North Avenue and Lingjing Hutong in Beijing. Zhongshuge’s first Beijing […]

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We are getting more and more bored with the uniformity of branded corporate coffee shops although their familiarity and predictability still feel convenient and safe for many. But we are noticing more unique local cafes opening up even in the big cities where every shopping centre, main street and airport is occupied by the same […]

Cleverly executed retro is always worth another look. We do like Mr Ming’s Chinese Dining, a restaurant that is part of the Ming Fat House cluster of restaurants that also includes Mrs. Pound, Dr. Fern’s, Foxglove, Frank’s Library and Eat Darling Eat. Eat Darling Eat may ring a bell for our readers as we covered the […]

Combining a fully licensed bar, a café and a luxury beauty salon that is available also for private events is possible in Ukraine’s capital city, Kyiv. In many other cities around the world, property rental costs, liquor licensing rules and other obstacles would make this kind of enterprise impossible. But Say No Mo Social Nail […]

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The work of Kengo Kuma, the master of wood, mood and light, will always draw our attention. The 65-year-old Japanese architect and his prolific office, Kengo Kuma Associates completes projects globally that range from tranquil private residences and shrines to stunning libraries, museums and retail outlets. The world’s largest Starbucks in Tokyo in 2019 and Scotland’s first […]

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Architect and designer Lula Galeano, founder of New York-based Studio Galeón was no stranger to the Swiss luxury watch brand, Audemars Piguet when she was asked to design the brand’s East Hampton showroom on Long Island, New York. Studio Galeón had just completed Audemars Piguet’s offices in Wynwood, Miami, that house the brand’s regional Latin American and […]

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Several features delight us in this compact Church Point residence in Sydney, Australia. Its location is one of them. The house looks toward Sydney’s Pittwater that is bordered on one side by Australia’s second-oldest National Park, Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, and on the other by the beautiful peninsula. Church Point […]

Last year, after having been in business for more than 50 years, the New Zealand fitness powerhouse Les Mills completed the design of an additional facility across from its flagship location on Victoria Street in Auckland City. The addition is a thoroughly re-configured industrial building that now houses three new Les Mills studios. These studios […]

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Sometimes we find ourselves contemplating our preferences. Or, let’s be truthful here, that’s all we ever do. We keep re-evaluating our preconceived notions and questioning whether we still like what we used to like, or have we discovered something that has changed our earlier views. One of the juxtapositions we have always loved – and […]

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The angular 5,300 square-foot (492 sq.metre) Villa Varoise is a project that took its time to become a reality. Boston-based architecture firm, NADAA, completed the initial plans for the residence in 2012 and broke ground on the site in 2013. The plans for the family retreat, then dubbed “Dortoir Familial” or family dorm, won several awards […]

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Those familiar with the 1980s architecture will recall the curved whiteness and plastic-y expanses that were so modern then but today seem like tacky cruise-ship design. Some globally recognized buildings of that era include the Pan Pacific Hotel in Vancouver. Designed by architect Eberhard Zeidler the hotel is part of the original Canada Place created […]

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Clubs offering various forms of health and wellness options have been popping up everywhere, each claiming to be more unique and special than the ones preceding. Whatever you believe in, you are sure to find a club for that, especially in bigger cities. Going to the gym can mean so many things now, not just […]

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Hancock Park in central Los Angeles is a neighbourhood known for its distinctive 1920s residences and its famous inhabitants that include past and present Hollywood stars and other celebrities. Many of the mansions were designed by Wallace Neff, architect to the elite and the famous, who is often referred to as the creator of the […]

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The Pacific Northwest in both Canada and the US is home to several idyllic islands that are known for being partly “old hippie” and partly more industrial or urban. Whidbey Island in the Puget Sound area of Washington State about 50 kilometers north of Seattle is one such island. The south end is known as […]

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What looks like a tranquil retreat in a remote location is actually a busy family home near Antwerp, Belgium. A couple with three young daughters engaged DDM Architetuur to design their new family home in the town of Brasschaat, about 10 kilometres north of the city of Antwerp. And although the house seems to be nestled […]

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