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basuto pony

The Basuto Pony

In 1653, the first horses arrived in the Cape area of South Africa through the Dutch East India Trading Company. Although the breed of

29th Oct 2019

AskHQ: Tripping up

Q: How can I teach my horse to be more careful with his feet? He just doesn’t seem to pick them up properly.  A:

28th Oct 2019

AskHQ: On a tilt

Q: I have a tendency to tilt forwards and arch my back when I ride. How can I learn to sit up straighter, with

27th Oct 2019

AskHQ: Lower leg swing

Q: What does swing in the rider’s lower leg come from?  A: Swing in the lower leg comes from a knee that grips, so

26th Oct 2019

AskHQ: Linseed oil

[Q] Why is linseed oil the new thing to feed?  [A] Oils have been available on the equine market for years now, yet there

24th Oct 2019

AskHQ: Cleaning brushes

[Q] How do I clean my grooming brushes? [A] Cleaning grooming brushes is vital, not only for your horse’s health but also for keeping

23rd Oct 2019

AskHQ: What is MSM?

Q: What is MSM? A: Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is an effective anti-inflammatory ingredient that has far-reaching effects on the ability of muscle tissue to rebound

22nd Oct 2019

AskHQ: Splints

Q: What causes splints in horses? A: Splints are inflammation or injury of the splint bones in the lower leg and/or the adjacent bones

21st Oct 2019

AskHQ: Colour vision

Q: What colours can horses see? A: Horses are not colour blind but they can’t see the same colours as we do. Horses have

20th Oct 2019

AskHQ: Double trouble

Q: How often do horses have twins? A: Twins are conceived as a result of the stallion’s sperm fertilising two eggs released when a

19th Oct 2019

AskHQ: Falling safely

Q: What is the best way to fall off safely? A: When we ride, we of course aim to stay on the horse at

18th Oct 2019

AskHQ: Rising trot

Q: How does the rising trot affect the horse’s back? Answered by Hayley Kruger A: The rising trot can be a lot more forgiving

17th Oct 2019

Interview with Derby winner Rainer Korber

Interview: Caroline Malan Photography: Jacqui S Photography Tell us about your horses I’ve been riding for Linda Ellerine from Back on Track and Rogan

16th Oct 2019

AskHQ: Sleepy time

Q: How can I create optimal conditions for my horse to sleep? How do I know if he is sleeping enough? Asked by Sarah

15th Oct 2019

AskHQ: To twitch or not to twitch…

Q: Is using a twitch cruel? A: A twitch comes in two forms: a cord loop on the end of a wooden handle and

14th Oct 2019

Beat the burn

It is no secret that the sun is strong in South Africa, and that any part of your horse’s skin that is not pigmented

13th Oct 2019

Capped hocks

Text: Dr Luke Poore Capped hocks are cold, non-painful swellings that develop at the point of the hock, and can be caused by accumulation

12th Oct 2019

Mud fever

Mud fever, taxonomically known as pastern dermatitis, encompasses a whole range of diseases that cause irritations and dermatitis to the lower limbs of horses.

7th Oct 2019

What a splendid Derby!

This year’s Derby was a community supported affair, that despite the reduced number of entries compared to previous years, proved to be a great

6th Oct 2019

Roadwork – worth doing or not?

Recent research now suggests that particularly trotting horses on tar roads leads to more incidences of lameness than was originally thought. The benefits of

6th Oct 2019

AskHQ: Wave mouth

Q: What is a wave mouth in horses? A: A wave mouth is where the molar teeth do not align evenly in the horse’s

5th Oct 2019

AskHQ: Hoof abscess location

Q: How do you locate an abscess in a hoof? A: A hoof abscess is a localised accumulation of purulent fluid (pus) within the

4th Oct 2019

AskHQ: Placing poles

Q: What’s the point of a placing pole? A: Placing poles help to control a horse who speeds and are also excellent for creating

3rd Oct 2019

AskHQ: Riding a circle

Q: How can you keep a horse straight and balanced on a circle? A: Oddly enough a circle is actually a very good tool

2nd Oct 2019

AskHQ: Breaking into downward transitions

Q: How can you stop a horse from breaking into downward transitions? A: All too often riders experience that feeling of the horse collapsing

1st Oct 2019

HQ: Swimming lessons

Q: Should you only use a water treadmill for injured horses? Does a vet need to refer your horse? A: Any horse can benefit

30th Sep 2019

Applications of skin therapy

There are a number of different ways of delivering active therapeutic ingredients to the skin of the horse. The application system used generally depends

29th Sep 2019

Active ingredients of skin treatments

Decoding the language of skin therapies: Antibacterial – This therapy contains an antibiotic for treating bacterial infections such as infected wounds. Antifungal – This

28th Sep 2019

AskHQ: Heaves

Q: What are heaves? A: An equine respiratory allergy such as recurrent airway obstruction (RAO) commonly known as heaves, is a possibility during seasonal

27th Sep 2019

AskHQ: Aloe aloe!

Q: Is aloe juice good for horses? A: Aloe has been used by horse owners in many countries for a long time, to improve

26th Sep 2019



andrew barlow fine art

Born 1970, Harare, Zimbabwe. Studied Fine Art at University of Stellenbosch, graduating in 1992 with a degree in Fine Arts (Painting). website: andrew barlow fine art

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Caryn Bowie

I know horses intimately as an art subject, the musculoskeletal system, the way the coat shines over the muscles and the facial expressions. Pastel drawings of African animals and Racehorses. Digital Photographic Art of African Animals printed on canvas. Mosaic rocks and frames. I live on a wildlife estate in

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Horse Training Beginners

Horse Training - A Beginners Guide

5 Mistakes Horse Owners Often Make When Loading Their Horse

Mistake #1 – Thinking your horse is like a dog or a cat.

Unless the new horse owner has been educated, they may think their horse is like a cat or dog.  The new horse owner may pat his thigh and say, “C’mon” a few times and the horse will just leap into the trailer like a happy dog.

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Horse Training - A Beginners Guide

Another Method of Loading a Horse in a Trailer

Since there is no one right way or one wrong way to train a horse, you may want to change the method you are using to train your horse.  You have several different ways to choose from.  If you are not having any luck with one method you can always try another.

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Horse Training - A Beginners Guide

Bit vs Bitless


When it comes to the welfare of the horse, riders and trainers do their best to ensure that the horse is not subject to pain under saddle. One of the most common debates is about training horses to be ridden with a bit and training them to be ridden without a bit. There are many advantages to both methods. For certain situations, a bit may be more efficient than not using one. In other situations, riding without a bit may be more comfortable to the horse than using a bit. It depends on the situation, the training level of the horse, the rider’s abilities, and the goals that you are trying to achieve with your horse as to which method will work best.  

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Horse Training - A Beginners Guide

Horse Training – A Beginners Guide

If you are either looking to buy a horse or maybe you have already acquired a horse.  Either way the will need to be trained.  Whether you do it yourself or hire a trainer to train the horse for you.

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Horse Training - A Beginners Guide

Horse training, food for thought for beginners

You should practice things your horse already knows before introducing something new. New skills should be introduced on something your horse already knows. Building on previously learnt skills is the key to being successful in horse training.

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