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HQ caught up with Anel Pelser, Riding Instructor, to find out about her services: HQ: As a freelance instructor, do you specialise in a specific discipline or do you teach across a range of disciplines?  I teach showjumping, dressage, equitation, showing, eventing, EETO, Western Riding and have also done Saddle Seat. I have successfully produced… Read More »Anel Pelser – Riding Instructor

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[Q] Our horses are turned out in huge paddocks with lots of natural bushes and shrubs. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of burrs and thorns that get stuck in my horse’s tail. I want to wrap her tail while she’s turned out. Is it okay to cover her tail with a tail wrap on… Read More »AskHQ: Bandaging the tail

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By Bronwen Meredith Many of us have been told that the walk is an ‘unfixable’ gait and that it is therefore best to leave it untouched. Personally, I don’t believe this and have had success with several horses in at least improving their way of going in the walk. It is true that it is… Read More »Fixing the lateral walk

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Nothing can compete with a balanced and well-fitting saddle that provides comfort and freedom of movement for your horse. However, it can be tricky to find a perfectly fitting saddle on a budget or for a horse with an unconventional back. A half pad can correct fit or provide for a suitable compromise, and there… Read More »Half-pads

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Q: I have a problem with a horse who is in a snaffle bit. He works great in it for flatwork but he tends to get strong and ignore my hand aids during jumping. I don’t want to ‘bit him up’ but I feel like he has no respect for the bit and just takes… Read More »AskHQ: Should I use a stronger bit?

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Q: The horse standing in the stable next to mine has a habit of crib-biting and wind-sucking. My horse has started a funny habit of opening his mouth and crossing his jaw when standing in his stable. I have only noticed it recently and I am worried he is picking up on the other horse’s… Read More »AskHQ: Are stereotypic behaviours contagious

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The five freedoms are a set of internationally recognised and commonly adopted animal welfare standards. They outline what we as animal owners or carers must provide for the animals in our care. These are not just things we must aim to do, but things we have to do in order to be responsible animal owners.… Read More »The five freedoms

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CEM stands for contagious equine metritis, which is essentially inflammation of the uterus of a mare, which in this case is caused by a sexually transmitted infection. CEM, despite the name, does also occur in geldings and stallions, but it is the mare who suffers the negative impact of the disease. What is CEM? The… Read More »CEM – what you need to know

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Q: Why is the horse much less common today in art than he was previously? A: Horses have appeared in works of art throughout history, but the number of horses being depicted in major artworks has certainly tailed off over the last few decades. The first reason put forwards for this by art historians is… 

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Q: Can Miniature Horses be ridden? Answered by Suzette Ostreim A: Miniature Horses, like any other horse breed, can be ridden, and must be treated exactly like their larger counterparts when being selected for a riding career. Just like with the large breeds, the Miniature Horse must be mature in age and physical development (usually… 

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Q: What is a fly’s lifecycle and are there ways in which we can control it? A: Flies thrive in stable yards, as horse manure is the perfect environment for them to feed and breed. A fly’s lifecycle consists of four stages: egg, larva, pupa and adult. It takes approximately two to four weeks for… 

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Q: How do I know if a show jacket fits correctly? A: Show jackets are important (and often expensive) pieces of kit and really can complete your riding look. As an added bonus, a well fitted and cared for jacket can really make a great impression on judges. However, the choice of show jackets on… 

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Featured image: Top international riders such as Charlotte Dujardin use electromagnetic therapy on their horses. Many horse owners are curious about the various treatments available to keep their horses in peak condition. With a range of therapies available, ranging from standard veterinary treatment all the way to less mainstream methods such as acupuncture and kinesiology,… 

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Q: What is the best way to educate yourself if qualifications and formal training are out of your price range? If you don’t have the time, desire or money to complete a formal qualification, you can always educate yourself using the following tips: Analyse videos from professional riders, trainers and clinics: Visit YouTube or other… Read More »AskHQ: Getting educated

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Q: How can I make box rest easier for my horse? He is so stressed when the other horses go out in the morning. Asked by Gemma Picken A: Box rest can be really difficult if your horse is used to extensive turnout. It can be especially hard if your horse is the only one… Read More »AskHQ: Box rest

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Q: How do you manage pastures to reduce the incidence of worms? Answered by Jassy MacKenzie A: In the vast open spaces of their natural environment, wild horses would not graze near their droppings, but very few owners are fortunate enough to have this kind of space. In limited space, or where grass is short… Read More »AskHQ: Worms in the paddock

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Q: Is it true that you need to see two ‘smile rings’ in the corners of your horse’s mouth to know that the bit is hung at the correct height? A: When it comes to how high you should hang the bit, most trainers will tell you that when the bit is adjusted correctly there… Read More »AskHQ: Smile rings

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Q: Can my horse live out? Answered by Charlotte Bastiaanse A: Before domestication, horses used to live out throughout the day and night. Nowadays, horses are generally, at least in South Africa, turned out during the morning and brought back into their stables in the late afternoon. Some yards, however, still only turn horses out… Read More »AskHQ: Living out

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Q: What is the typical racing diet? Answered by Jassy MacKenzie A: In order to meet the extreme physical demands of racing, racehorses are usually fed a scientifically calculated diet which includes high quantities of concentrates. “Your average three-year-old is on 14% protein concentrate, with a very high energy content,” explains racehorse trainer Ashleigh Hughes,… Read More »AskHQ: Racing diet

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Q: Should I drop my horse’s food to a lower level? He is doing much less work at the moment but I’m nervous to make any changes. A: One key rule of feeding horses is to ‘feed for work done’. This essentially means that when your horse is given time off or a reduction in workload, his feeding should be… Read More »AskHQ: Should I drop the food?

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Thanks to Nadia from River Bend Horse Trails for answering our questions! Check out their info below: Where are you based? We located in Elands Rivier in the Eastern Cape just 20km from Uitenage and 30km outside Port Elizabeth. We are right next to Cocks Comb Mountain in the Elands Rivier Nature Reserve. What rides do… Read More »River Bend Horse Trails

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Here’s a slide show featuring some of the videos submitted for the Palomino Category of the HQ Photography Competition. Feast your eyes on these beauties!  

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[video src="https://hqmagazine.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Blue-Green-and-White-Adoption-Event-Fundraising-_-Social-Issues-Slideshow-Video.mp4" poster="https://hqmagazine.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Blue-Green-and-White-Adoption-Event-Fundraising-_-Social-Issues-Slideshow-Video.mp4"]

Q: What nutritional issues should I be aware of in my new OTTB? A: Australian nutritionist Dr Nerida Richards, the resident nutritionist at FeedXL.com, explains…

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Q: Why do horses like sugary treats?  Asked by Savannah Grant A: Horses like sugary treats for the same reason we do – they’re sweet…

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Q: What is a hoof abscess? And how can I prevent them in my horse? A: An abscess is simply a pocket of infection that…

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Q: What is Ballerina Syndrome? A: Ballerina Syndrome refers to the situation where a ‘normal’ foal changes within a few days of birth to having…

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Q: What is public liability cover and how does it work? When can or can’t you claim? A: Public liability cover is insurance cover that…

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Q: Can diet improve heart health? A: While your horse’s diet doesn’t affect his heart in the same way as a human’s diet affects their…

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Q: My horse makes a funny noise when I ride him. It sounds like it comes from the saddle, but my instructor says that it…

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Q: Is it possible for horses who are not grey to get melanomas? A: Melanomas are much rarer in horses with non-grey coats, but they…

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