Photography: Merlynn Trichardt  Q: My old trainer taught me to half halt with the outside rein. However, my trainer now teaches me to half halt with the inside rein. She says that half halting with the outside rein is completely incorrect and makes me half halt on the inside rein.  As I understand it, the […]

Q: Is it worth buying an older horse? Answered by Farryn Day A: Over the years, I have heard many people discounting the value of an older horse for themselves or their children. Older horses are labelled as ‘difficult keepers’, ‘lazy’, or ‘over-the-hill’ and the question is often asked “Isn’t it better for my son/daughter… Read More »AskHQ: The older horse

By Bronwen Meredith Many of us have been told that the walk is an ‘unfixable’ gait and that it is therefore best to leave it untouched. Personally, I don’t believe this and have had success with several horses in at least improving their way of going in the walk. It is true that it is… Read More »Fixing the lateral walk

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Q: I have a problem with a horse who is in a snaffle bit. He works great in it for flatwork but he tends to get strong and ignore my hand aids during jumping. I don’t want to ‘bit him up’ but I feel like he has no respect for the bit and just takes… Read More »AskHQ: Should I use a stronger bit?

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Q: How do I know if a show jacket fits correctly? A: Show jackets are important (and often expensive) pieces of kit and really can complete your riding look. As an added bonus, a well fitted and cared for jacket can really make a great impression on judges. However, the choice of show jackets on… 

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Q: What is ‘Soft Feel’ in Cowboy Dressage? A: ‘Soft Feel’ (or ‘Fresh Rein’) is the guiding principle of Cowboy Dressage® World. It is the…

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Q: What is Cowboy Dressage®? A: The discipline of Cowboy Dressage® was born in 2013. For a short period of time, Western Dressage and Cowboy…

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Q: I just can’t sit the sitting trot. How can I improve this? Answered by Elena Jankowitz A: The sitting trot is challenging for everyone…

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Working Equitation originated in Europe around thirty years ago and is a relatively new discipline in South Africa. This exciting sport was created to test the equestrian skills of both horse and rider in a working environment for farming and cattle herding. Often described as dressage with obstacles, it is open to all levels of
Unfortunately the show at Ole Stables has been rained out.They have had around 100ml rain since Tuesday.The show is being rescheduled, pop around soon to check for new dates. Sunday 8 December 2019 – Last show of the year! Equestrians of all ages and training levels are invited to join us for some holiday fun.
Date: Sunday 10 November 2019 Venue: EquiVest – 133 Scorpion Road, off Eaton Road, Henley-on-Klip, Midvaal, Gauteng Classes: Levels 1, 2 & 3 (including in-hand)(Participants Rules and tests as per the ANWELtd Website dated August 2019) Contact Felicia Rowan at for more details. You can download the entry form, participant rulebook, working dressage test level
Q: How can you keep a horse straight and balanced on a circle? A: Oddly enough a circle is actually a very good tool for assessing the straightness of your horse. It highlights if a rider has the horse between the outside rein and inside leg aids. In order to be ‘straight’, and therefore balanced,
Q: My horse is really spooky about anything we encounter on around the outside of the arena, but he’s absolutely fine jumping pretty much anything… The post AskHQ: The spooky horse appeared first on HQ Magazine.
[Q] What is the best way to get a horse who is very on the forehand onto his hind end? He sometimes snatches the reins… The post AskHQ: Forehand frustration appeared first on HQ Magazine.
Calling all horse lovers from far and wide! Kyalami Equestrian Park will proudly host the country’s premier horse show with world class competition on offer… The post Nissan Easter Festival: 10 years of equestrian excellence! appeared first on HQ Magazine.
April 22-28 Adina Polocrosse World Cup at Morgan Park. Find out about being a horse volunteer.
Asked by Ben du Toit Before you start with teaching the flying changes, it’s important that you teach your horse the basics, namely relaxation, rhythm, contact, impulsion, straightness and collection. Before teaching the flying change, ask yourself the following: Is the quality of the canter good (always maintaining the three-beat rhythm)? Is the horse straight

By Georgina Roberts FEI definition: eventing “A formidable combination of cross-country, jumping and dressage. Eventing is often known as the triathlon of the equestrian world. A truly complete sport that tests both the horse and rider in all aspects of horsemanship, and one of the three Olympic disciplines.” Unofficial definition: eventing “Eventing is for people ...

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South African born and raised dressage rider, Nichola Mohr, has set the wheels in motion to fulfil her dream of riding and competing her own horse overseas with the eventual goal of riding for South Africa at the Olympic Games. Earlier this year she loaded her best friend, Callaho Winston, onto a flight to the
1. What will your roles and responsibilities be as show director of the SA Derby? I have to make the schedules, and ensure that the rules indicated are up-to-date and apply to each and every competition. In conjunction with the disciplines we address all possible scenarios positive or negative and ensure that we have a
By Sarah Ward A Dressage Clinic was held on 20th/21st/22nd/23rd July, 2018, at four different venues in Gaborone. The venues chosen were Herbie’s Haven Stables and Havenspride Stud, Penndragon Equestrian Centre, Stone Ridge Stables  and Notwane Equestrian Centre. All the arenas were raked and watered and were in excellent condition for Andrea’s much anticipated arrival.

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South Africa Equestrian Federation

The South Africa Equestrian Federation is the governing federation for several equestrian associations within South Africa. Equestrian sports are an integral part of the culture of South Africa. Equestrian sports promote a healthy lifestyle, encourage the development of skills, and plays a vital role in the promotion of upliftment, unity, and equality of South Africa's society. 

South African Equestrian Federation

The South African Equestrian Federation (SAEF) is the representative body for all equestrian sports in South Africa.

SAEF's equestrian team participated in the Olympic Games at Rio De Janeiro in 2016 in the following disciplines of dressage, show jumping, eventing, and endurance.

Find out more about five popular South African horse disciplines: Dressage, Show Jumping, Endurance Ride, Eventing and Equitation.

Victory Rounds of the Grand Champions Full DVD of the show will be available shortly from Way-Up


Award winning horseback archer, Jehad Shamis, shares his skills with crowds of people in Roshnee,

Hosted by PE Polocrosse Club, Port Elizabeth, South Africa Day 1 - won by South Africa Day 2 - Won

American Saddlebred- Equitation Championship , 8 years old and under - Mile Olivier of South Africa

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