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Caring for Baby Horsies: Caring for your Fouls

There’s amazing excitement in the air when you have little ones that enter your life or that of your animal.  If you’re caring for fouls, it’s a very important part of raising horses and it’s something you should know a lot about right from the start.


Firstly, make sure that you have tended to mother before she gives birth. It’s important that you feed her food that’s going to help her maintain good health.  Make sure you are giving her things that help her to gain the strength as well as the nutrients she will be needing to be the kind of mother she and you want her to be. Also make sure that you talk to your vet if you have never taken care of a mother horse and her foul before.  You’ll do well in getting a vet’s advice if you have never had a mother and foul before.

When it’s time for the foul to be born, help as much as you can, mostly though, you want to stay out of the way. There are times when you are going to have to help, it’s important that you talk to a vet about what’s normal for a horse giving birth and what shouldn’t happen.  Make sure that you understand how to tell what is normal and what is not. Be there, at a distance, to be ready to help if the mother needs it. Prepare for this by talking to your vet.  Make sure you have things on hand when you need them.

When that time comes for mother to give birth, be on hand just in case, even if you don’t have to help at all. You’ll be witness to her and her foul and be able to watch what follows the birth. As with most other animals, if it’s at all possible, leave the mother and the baby to do things that they have to do. Animals have been doing it for long and it often goes best if you leave them alone.  Be there, but leave them alone.   If you have to help, be discrete, be sure to only do those things that you absolutely know how to do.  The rest of the time, just stay out of the way.


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