Book review: Successful Schooling

Train Your Horse With Empathy

By Karin Blignault

Publisher: J A Allen, UK

Pages: 187

Although published in the UK, Successful Schooling – Train your horse with empathy was written by a South African, Karin Blignault, who was born and raised in Cape Town, where she still lives. It was a result of Karin’s studies, her increased awareness of why the classical methods are successful, and her deep interest in communicating her findings that led her to write this book. Successful Schooling not only covers the training of the horse to Grand Prix level in dressage, but also shows how correct but empathic training can benefit both horse and rider in everyday situations, as well as in schooling and jumping.

Successful Schooling combines an enlightening text with many clear line drawings and photographs. This book will be of interest to all riders and trainers who seek to achieve better results through a deeper understanding of the horse, both mentally and physically and through empathic communication.

Book review: Successful Schooling

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