Blossom School Real Estate Sales Centre, Chengdu, China


Looking at the images of the sweet Blossom School, it is tough to believe that it is a key part of a real-estate sales centre for Fantasia Holdings project Fantasia Zhihui City, on Chongyang Avenue in Chengdu, China.


We just cannot picture nervous moms and dads and business-suited sales agents engaging in negotiations or large sums of hard-earned household savings changing hands here.


And that is the purpose of this huge, 3,520 square-metre (37,889 sq. ft), space – to help the visitor imagine their new happy and harmonious life in the development rather than force them to focus on savings, budgets and monthly bills.



The project’s design firm is Karv One Design with company founder Kyle Chan at the helm of the project.



Karv One is well established in Hong Kong, Singapore, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Chengdu and Wuhan and it focuses on large-scale real-estate, cultural, retail, hotel, exhibition and office complexes.



Karv One describes the Blossom School project as part of a new, more refined trend where real estate enterprises are upgrading their role from developers to service providers. Leading innovative companies are aiming to provide new services and hoping to evoke scenes from residents’ lives in their sales centres.


This is exactly what Fantasia Holdings is doing here. It is part of Colour Life, a massive real estate conglomerate operating in the white-hot real-estate market of China and elsewhere.



Fantasia’s Chairman Mr. Pan Jun has been quoted as saying that “…Colour Life’s original aspiration was to bring community-based services to every family.” He has further said that the company will “…earn homeowners’ trust by transforming itself from a mere collector of management fees into a ‘housekeeper.’ ”


Consequently, rather than sales, Blossom School focuses on the link between family and a city, and on children as the link between the city and family. 


The designers used “children” and “aesthetic education” as their key words. They describe the space as a combination of real estate sales center, children’s aesthetic education space, future community kindergarten, multi-generation education center, children’s amusement park and a brand experience area.



Via the chapters of an imaginary picture book, Blossom School takes the guests through a succession of child-sized, soft-hued rooms. The various spaces provide opportunities to play and learn about such aspects as health, eating and cooking, planting and gardening, theatre, arts, crafts  and creativity, sports, games and exercise, building and community. Functional areas include small theatres, game rooms, light food restaurant, bakery, library, craft area, music and sports classroom.


After speeding several hours in this huge  inviting space, one imagines the kids wanting to come back the next day. And as the parents most likely will agree, a large part of the sale is as good as done.



Blossom School Real Estate Sales Centre, Chengdu, China

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