Built in the summer of 2020, DVB Knokke residence is a single-family house located in the province of West Flanders in the municipality of Knokke-Heist, one of Belgium’s best-known and most affluent seaside resorts. The house itself, with architecture by Arttec Knokke, is a beautifully unassuming, two-level structure that blends discretely with the surrounding, lush […]

Cranford High Hopes is with me for development for February. I started him under saddle a few years ago, but he has since not been ridden or worked with. He arrived 4 days before this video was filmed. I did a groundwork refresher the day after he arrived, then he had a day off, and then had another groundwork session to put the tools in place to be able to relax him. Groundwork is not lungeing.
Training on a very difficult horse that I leased for a year.
My super mare, Lilly, jumping in the 1.10m junior classes in 2017. Half a cm too tall for a pony. We were the Highest ranked combination in the 1.10m in 2017❤️
Chestnut stallion by Legacy Luxury out of an imported Weltmeyer mare Weissgold.

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Casa Mais Linda (Most Beautiful House) is located in the historic municipality of Itu, about 100 kilometres west of the city of  São Paulo in Brazil.  More specifically, the residence is part of Condomínio Terras de São José, one of Brazil’s first and foremost urban residential areas. Established in 1975 and known for is extensive green […]

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Designed by Athens-based MOLD Architects nCAVED is currently high on our list of genuinely original yet refreshingly unpretentious vacation residences. The drama of the severe rocky landscape is repeated with dramatic skill in the chiselled strictness of the building. Completed in 2020, nCAVED’s 340 square metres (3,660 sq.ft) of space disappear into the rock in a […]

Staying on your horse should not be a matter of thigh strength. It should be about balance based on your core. Why not grip with your legs though? Firstly, it drives a horse forward, and this results in horses bolting, or getting anxious because of conflicting cues. Secondly, ...
Colic is the leading killer of horses around the world, and COVID-19 has made it harder for vets to go out to stables to diagnose horses. Virtual diagnosis and colic first-aid kits may be the solution, says Dr Mac.
Instead of going for cozy or comfortable, the designers of Bananananana Coffee went for shock value in their design concept for the 60-square-metre (646 sq.ft) coffee shop. The shop is located at 175 Qingjiang Road in a non-descript older building in the Qianjiang New Town in Hangzhou, so a more conventional approach would have been […]
Having some fun jumping before the Lockdown of 2020 due to Covid 19 Riding: Big Three Instagram: @hmieshca @_ep_design_and_manufacturing Tik Tok: @hmieshca Please DM me on Instagram if you are interested in sponsoring me. Thank You.
RN Residence is a recreational property overlooking a massive dam in the small town of Itaúna in the State of Minas Gerais in the southeast region of Brazil. Within the large 26,650 square-metre (almost 6.5 acres) site, many options were available to the architects at Jacobsen Arquitetura but together with the clients they identified a few […]
When your horses don’t want to eat the hay you have bought in for winter, the bales could be mouldy, warns Dr Mac.

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Have you ever dreamed of cantering with a herd of zebra across Africa's wide-open savanna? Or watching an elephant amble across the skyline while your horse grazes peacefully? African Horse Safaris offers the largest portfolio of unique horseback adventures from across the continent. With us, you’ll discover Africa's most iconic riding holidays. and a few of its best kept secrets. Our handpicked rides combine unrivalled adventure, professional guiding, quality accommodation and horses that are as important as the guests.

What is a capped hock, elbow or knee? And how are they caused? Check out this post to find out more.

It is always risky to renovate a classic or potentially classic building. Is this really a classic and worth saving? Are the changes necessary? Will the changes ruin the integrity of the original structure? These are simple, basic questions, but crucially important if there is a desire to restore rather than recreate. In their recent […]

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Q: How do I care for a wound? A: As soon as you see that your horse has a fresh wound or has opened an old wound you need to evaluate the following: Is the wound bleeding profusely? If so, you need to phone your vet immediately. Where is the wound? Is it near to… Read More »AskHQ: Wound care

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The Ant’s Collection is made up of two family run lodges offering a unique and memorable bushveld riding holiday – with unique flexibility, excellent riding, free roaming horses luxury accommodation, breath-taking views and exceptional game viewing. https://africanhorsesafaris.com/tour/ants-hill-ants-nest/

Q: Can a badly fitting saddle cause behavioural problems in my horse? Answered by Farryn Day A: Absolutely! Along with correct trimming of the feet and regular dental work, the fit of the saddle is one of the biggest contributing factors to a horse’s overall behaviour and soundness. The following is a list of behaviours… Read More »AskHQ: Saddle fit

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A family of four had purchased a gorgeous, white Edwardian-style building on a hilly street corner in the historic Pacific Heights area of San Francisco but the house needed a complete upgrade to meet the needs of the family that includes two busy professional adults and two young daughters. The 1925 structure was indeed beautiful […]

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