Benguela Cove Residence, Overberg, South Africa


This sublime residence is located above the luxurious Benguela Cove Wine Estate in the Overberg region of the Western Cape in South Africa.

The house overlooks the Bot River Lagoon and the Overberg mountains.


The site is 1,610 square-metres (0.4 acres) in size with the house occupying 423 square metres (4,553 sq.ft).

The project is the result of cooperation between the owners and a local trio of companies: Architectural design by SAOTA.


interior design by ARRCC and furniture by Okha.


The sloping terrain and the traditional wings of werfs of  local farmhouses have inspired multi-level  holiday residence but what we see is the classic lines of a mid-century minimalist, modernist Scandinavian design.


And that is what drew us to this project. We love how the extreme winds, sun, salt and rain of the outside are allowed to become part of the inside with the natural beauty fully visible from and part of every segment of the house. The inside and the outside are in constant conversation, providing all the decoration this minimalist structure needs.


Inside, our favourite feature is the kitchen island, a solid block of granite. Its massive bulk and surprising presence is just rough-hewn enough to bring lovely texture and personality to the open-plan space.


ARRCC has selected an eclectic, but not pretentiously so, collection of furniture and rugs to go with the solid elements of the house.


With all these features, the overall feel of the residence is harmony and tranquility.


But it is not the spa-like, limp and clichéd white-on-white, linen-and-wool kind of tranquility, but a strongly local variety that has a strong, weather-worn back bone. Tuija Seipell


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