Barry Taylor and his new horse Dicardo

With over 40 years of experience under his belt, professional showjumper Barry Taylor is not only proud of his year to date, but also excited at what’s still to come. His string of 5 consists of Counter Attack, Cody Island, Companeiro’s Son, Callaho Victory Forever and a new GP horse that came out of quarantine in May named Dicardo. We caught up with him to hear what he had to say about his new horse’s performance at the recent Nissan Winter Classic.

Barry Taylor jumping Dicardo

“Dicardo jumped in two 1.30 classes last weekend. He is very out of practice and not fit but it gave me a week to work with him and get to know him. It will take time to get to the top as he is a big horse and generally it takes 9 months to a year to get to peak performance. In the meantime, I will try and do a lot of local shows at 1.30 – his next big show is Shongweni World Cup. For now fitness is a priority and to get him to go in a way I like and know.”

Barry Taylor jumping his new horse Dicardo

“I am always trying to improve my riding and to produce the best horses that I can: Nothing motivates me more than to get up and train a super young horse and see it grow…And I have a few of those for this year so I’m feeling fantastic!”


Photo credit: Denford Studios

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Barry Taylor and his new horse Dicardo

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