AskHQ: Work riding

[Q] What is the going rate for a working rider?


[A] This is a difficult one to pinpoint, because work riders can differ in experience and qualification level. Firstly, ask yourself if you need someone to just take your horse on hacks and do some general schooling, or if you need a more experienced rider to properly school your horse and possibly take him to some shows. If you’re just looking for someone to keep your horse in general work, ask around the yard if there’s a good junior rider who would be happy to work him for you every now and then. You could pay them anything from R100 to R200 per ride, depending on how much you expect out of them. If you want a professional to put real work into your horse, you could be looking at anything from R250 to R400 per ride, depending on the rider’s experience and competitive level. Make sure to ask around about the rider. Your work rider will likely ride when you’re not around, and you’ll want to feel comfortable with your horse being in their hands.

Answered by
Charlotte Bastiaanse

AskHQ: Work riding


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