AskHQ: The Nooitgedacht

AskHQ: The Nooitgedacht

Q: What are the characteristics of the Nooitgedacht?

A: The Nooitgedacht has gained popularity due to his train-ability, and amendable temperament, but at the same time has developed into a competition horse to be reckoned with. Affectionately known as Nooities, they have earned their place in the competition and social equestrian world. These days they range in height between 13.3hh and 16hh, giving the breed a wider rider base. Being versatile and hardy, they can do showing, showjumping, dressage, endurance riding, EETO, working equitation, Western riding, driving or duties on wildlife ranches.

They are low maintenance, good doers and have hearts like lions. It’s nice to know that the time spent with your Nooitie will be a pleasant and rewarding experience. With their excellent work ethic, it’s also much easier to achieve your riding goals, without having to over-invest time or money. Because of their temperament, schooled Nooitgedachts can be given time off if your schedule demands it. Nooitgedachts are very intelligent and inherently calm. They must be quick off the aids, but not nervous or uncooperative – always looking after their rider. These are the characteristics of a true-to-type Nooitgedacht, making them such a relevant breed in an era when horses are mainly used for recreation. From happy hack, to competitive child’s mount, to a weekend warrior for the serious amateur adult, the Nooitgedacht has so much to offer in all disciplines.

Answered by the Nooitgedacht Society

AskHQ: The Nooitgedacht



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