AskHQ: Stable dimensions

AskHQ: Stable dimensions

Q: What are the minimum recommended dimensions of a stable?

A: Expecting horses to stay happy when cooped up for hours in a stable is quite an ask – especially if the space the horse is kept in is very small.

The following dimensions are the minimum required for stabling, although larger stables are obviously preferable, as are those with some access to the outdoors:

  • Pony under 14hh: 2.4m x 2.4m (8ft x 8ft)
  • 14hh pony: 3m x 3.7m (10ft x 12ft)
  • Horse under 16hh: 3.7m x 3.7m (12ft x 12ft)
  • Horse 16hh or over: 3.7m x 4.3m (12ft x 14ft)

AskHQ: Stable dimensions

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