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AskHQ: Getting educated

Q: What is the best way to educate yourself if qualifications and formal training are out of your price range?

If you don’t have the time, desire or money to complete a formal qualification, you can always educate yourself using the following tips:

  • Analyse videos from professional riders, trainers and clinics: Visit YouTube or other platforms to find various videos taken from clinics with professional riders who explain what they are doing while riding or grooming and why they are doing it.
  • Peer assessment: Let a friend record you and vice versa. Analyse your videos together and share your feedback. It is a fun exercise and will give you new tips and insights on your riding!
  • Stand next to a trainer when a friend is having a lesson: Often you get some extra insight on training your eye to see things, and you can learn a lot from the trainer’s perspective.
  • Read, read, read: It really is easier if you know, for example, the anatomy of the horse, so you know what movements are and are not possible, and what the biomechanics of different parts of the body are. Reading textbooks and articles can also teach you something about the training physiology of the horse, and this knowledge can help you to directly improve the performance of your own horse.
  • Internet and media: The internet offers more and more opportunities to educate yourself; for example, via e-learning programmes.
  • Organise your own programme: Look for an organisation or professional trainer who can help you design an educational and interesting programme for you and your friends. Most educational initiatives start with enthusiasts who have the will to learn and a vision to educate others to let the sport and welfare of the horse improve. A lot of these initiatives start locally and grow to be national or international successes!

Answered by Equine Support International

AskHQ: Getting educated

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