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AskHQ: Feeding rooibos

Q: Why do people feed their horses rooibos?

A: Rooibos is unique to South Africa and has always been known to be healthy. However, the benefits of rooibos have far surpassed our expectations. Initially rooibos was only used in tea, and whilst it is still used in tea today, the uses of rooibos are now far more extensive. Rooibos leaves are now available to buy in bulk and can be fed to horses to help with a variety of health-related problems. Rooibos has proven helpful for treating stress, allergies, inflammation, skin irritation and obesity, and is also good for general coat care. Regular feeding of rooibos is believed to reduce the risk of a horse developing cancer or heart disease, and can prolong your horse’s lifespan. The benefits are the result of the bioflavinoid ingredient in rooibos.

AskHQ: Feeding rooibos

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