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AskHQ: Clicking fetlocks

Q: My horse’s fetlocks click when I pick up his feet. What could it be? 

A: Clicking joints and fetlocks are fairly common in horses, and are generally speaking nothing to worry about. Clicking joints in horses are very similar to clicking joints like knuckles and knees in humans, where sudden expansion of the joint creates low pressure. This drop in pressure causes a bubble to form within the joint fluid that rapidly collapses on itself, making the clicking sound. Clicking is most commonly heard when your horse has been standing for a prolonged period. Once he has moved a bit and stretched out his joints, the clicking should lessen, if not stop entirely.

However, if the clicking is new, or if there is any swelling or heat around the joint, or he is lame, then you should call your vet immediately in case the clicking is a symptom of something more serious going on inside the joint.

AskHQ: Clicking fetlocks

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