African Horse Safaris hits the Tuli Block, Botswana

African Horse Safaris set out for 250 miles of extremely exciting riding through the Limpopo area in Botswana, famous for its elephant populations. The horses were fabulous and we had the most incredible week. This trip is a progressive ride, with accommodation made up of several luxury tented camps. This is true African wilderness at its best and the varied scenery makes excellent going for the horses. I was blown away by the experience. We saw hundreds of elephant, giraffe and zebra from horseback and then lion, cheetah and leopard from the vehicle! Interested in joining a ride? Info Here: Email: Song: Vinyl Pinups – Gold Rays


Horse health check: 11) The legs

Every owner should know their horse’s legs. Every day before and after you ride you should palpate the legs from top to toe, to find any changes from previous examinations. Old injuries are unlikely to cause any issues, but if you know they are there, it can save you investigating

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