African Horse Safaris – Adventure Awaits

Have you ever dreamed of cantering with a herd of zebra across Africa’s wide-open savanna? Or watching an elephant amble across the skyline while your horse grazes peacefully? African Horse Safaris offers the largest portfolio of unique horseback adventures from across the continent. With us, you’ll discover Africa’s most iconic riding holidays. and a few of its best kept secrets. Our handpicked rides combine unrivalled adventure, professional guiding, quality accommodation and horses that are as important as the guests. We have personally tried and tested all our safaris, so we can give you great comparisons and first-hand advice. Travelling solo, with friends, your family or even non-riding partner – We have the perfect ride for you. Whether you are galloping across the deserts of Namibia or feeling your heart pound watching lions from horseback in Kenya…There is no greater freedom than exploring Africa on horseback. Join us – Your adventure awaits!

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