About our 3D printed products

For display only, not for sale.

We utilise the popular 3D printing technique called fused deposition modeling (FDM).

The 3D printed models are not perfect.  Where economics is concerned, if there isn’t a big enough demand or market then there’s no point in making a product, it costs too much.  What about those who did want that product?  If the 3D model is available for it (certain conditions apply), we can print it!

The 3D prints are very good quality at the price.  The plastic we use is PLA, it loves acrylic paint.  You can take a model, give it a good primer, sand it down a bit and you have a canvas to paint on similar to e.g. a more expensive ceramic model.

3D prints are very durable and can be used everyday.  There are a few caveats similar to many other plastic products.  We aim to make products that will last a long time and in many cases we offer a replacement if you return your broken 3D print for recycling!  Postage fees may apply.

The 3D models we use are licensed under the following licenses:

Every attempt is made to ensure that Commercial use is allowed.  We may use images in general of products that we may not be able to sell, that’s to show what is possible with 3D printing; you can always see our shop for our licensed 3D printed items.

Where possible, when a 3D printed model is sold, the designer receives a royalty, this helps in the creation of new 3D horse related models.  

If you have a 3D printer and are looking for an outlet, get in touch with us.

Some models are available in various print qualities, the higher print quality products cost more due to more material being used and longer machine times.  A doubling in size of a 3D model can use up to four times more plastic and more than double the time due to FDM style printing.

Can we print a model for you?  If you find / have a model you want printed, contact us for a quote to print it for you.  Terms apply as 3D models vary in quality and complexity.  Print jobs requiring more than 24 hours to complete can unfortunately not be accommodated, at this time. 

We keep stock of certain types of 3D models.  Others are printed on demand, i.e. when you order a 3D printed product, e.g. a horse keychain with your name, it is queued for printing in our modest 3D printer farm.  We usually ship your product within 3 to 5 days of order and will keep you informed of the progress as it happens.  We will soon have 3D printer webcams and you’ll get a notification when your 3D print starts printing so you can see your 3D model as it prints!

In the near future we will be offering up to four colour 3D printed models, keep a look out for that too.

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Assorted horse keyrings / key chains / wall art

There are thousands of designs possible with 3D printing, this is just a handful.

Not all items on this page are available for purchase and are used for example purposes only.

Please see our shop for available 3D printed items.

This is not meant to be an exhaustive list of what can be achieved with 3D printing, just a bit of what we are tinkering with.

Ready for Action?

We would like to know how we can help equestrian sport and activities in South Africa, if you have any questions or suggestions, let us know.