A report on Andrea Harrison’s dressage clinic in Botswana

By Sarah Ward

A Dressage Clinic was held on 20th/21st/22nd/23rd July, 2018, at four different venues in Gaborone. The venues chosen were Herbie’s Haven Stables and Havenspride Stud, Penndragon Equestrian Centre, Stone Ridge Stables  and Notwane Equestrian Centre. All the arenas were raked and watered and were in excellent condition for Andrea’s much anticipated arrival.

The Horse Society of Botswana generously sponsored Andrea’s return air flight from South Africa so that Andrea could come and impart her wisdom across the border. She certainly made the trip worthwhile for all who attended, starting teaching at 7am at each venue. She continued to teach throughout each day in cool temperatures with glorious winter sunshine. This clinic was perfectly timed for the upcoming FEI World Dressage Challenge which will be held at Notwane Equestrian Centre on 27th/28th/29th July. On Saturday late morning and all of Sunday morning  Andrea gave lessons at Notwane Equestrian Centre in order for the horses and riders in the Challenge to ride at the show venue.

Debra Freeman on Callaho Guiseppe

Andrea Harrison has been instructing in the discipline of dressage in Botswana since 2013. She trained in Germany for six years. During this time she was competing for South Africa. She has Protea Colours and SAEA gold, silver and bronze badges. She also won her Provincial Gauteng Colours and has been selected on a number of occasions to represent Gauteng. She is inspired by teaching dressage at all levels and to all ages and always hopes to help her clients to achieve their fullest potential. Andrea has her own yard in Glenferness, Kyalami, where she has twenty-four horses, mostly owned by clients whom she trains and teaches. Andrea is a regular competitor on many horses at the big shows in South Africa.

Thank you to all those enthusiastic riders who brought their horses to the clinic. Special mention must go to Jan Marie Alberts who travelled six hours from Francistown and Enge Smit who travelled all the way from the Tuli Block on the eastern Botswana border to attend the clinic.

Pearl Naylor-Race on Callaho Lucie

Comments from riders about the clinic

“Absolutely loved the lessons. I learnt a lot  and will definitely travel again for the next clinic”

“I utterly enjoy riding with Andrea as my boy and I improve with every bit of information she gives us to take home and work on until the next clinic. She urges you  constantly to do better and is extremely supportive in the goals you aim towards. I am always excited to travel  for her clinics”

“Thank you Andrea, Penndragon Equestrian Centre, Notwane Equestrian Centre and HSB for a fabulous clinic. I have loved my lessons and am thoroughly looking forward to our World Dressage Challenge this coming weekend. Best of luck to everyone participating”

“Another fabulous clinic. I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons. Andrea’s cool, calm approach always gets the best out of me and my horse”

“Thank you again Andrea. It has been far too long. Your teaching style always helps me so much and is so well targeted for each and every horse and rider. Please come back very soon”

“I absolutely loved the Andrea clinic. She always does so much to help my riding and I cannot wait for the next one”

“I always benefit from Andrea’s clinics. I enjoyed a slower pace  and getting my pony rounder. I also really mastered how to keep my elbows in the correct position during this clinic”

“Another fantastic clinic with Andrea. I only wish that she was here every week”

“I learnt so much on this clinic. I really enjoyed it”

“Andrea is a world class instructor. Her years of passionate instruction are evident as she calmly and positively achieves the best possible results from any difficult horse”

“Excellent clinic once again. Andrea is just amazing. I cannot wait until the next one”

By Sarah Ward

Ilouise Jordaan on Sir Halley

“A wonderful clinic. Thank you Aunty Andrea”

“I have not ridden on Andrea’s clinic in what seems like forever. It is great to feel that we have made some headway”

“Fabulous clinic to get us ready and excited for the FEI. Thank you Andrea for all your help and patience”

Riders on the clinic were:   

Jan-Marie Alberts on Saratoga Indiana

Enge Smit on Algueda

Pearl Naylor-Race on Callaho Lucie

Belinda Irish on Cordova Rodrigo

Belinda Irish on Penndragon State of Hope

Gemma Bradley on Penndragon State of Hope

Debra Freeman on Callaho Guiseppe

Julie Moss on Havenspride Gailforce

Ilouise Jordaan on Sir Halley

Camilla Joyner on National Club

Terien Swanepoel on Shopper Challenge

Morgan Irish on Cruisa Abercrombie

Jade Williams on Merlin

Erin Bell on Cinnamon

Kya Bergh on Gratification

Kya Bergh on Fresh Blast

Maya Bergh on Swazi Lizkhar Wonderland

Maya Bergh on Illicit Affaire

Maya Bergh on Calabash Real Murphy

Sarah Ward on Abba

Sarah Ward on Jazz Giant

Andrea Harrison on Havenspride Terzarima

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A report on Andrea Harrison’s dressage clinic in Botswana


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