5 minutes with Lorette Knowles-Taylor

Text: Caroline Malan

Photography: Denford Studios

Tell us how your Reonet show went?

It was a very busy weekend of riding. I had five horses there (three in the opens, one starting his year in the 120s and then my accident prone mare in the 110s) and I was super happy with each of them.

Which of your horses impressed you the most and why?

That would be Callaho Centos Boy jumping his first 140 GP – he had one down and it was a silly fence too, not one of the bogies as expected. Also Nissan Callaho Coneisha debuted in the Bob Charter arena – she jumped a super clear in the 130 2-phase. She is just seven and a newbie to the open classes and handled the ‘big grass ring’ like a pro!

Which horse do you need to work on the most / did not go as well as you would’ve liked?

I was happy with all of them – each doing their part in my string! The ‘work’ aspect is a constant – the training (of my horses and me) is continual – you can’t sit on your laurels for a moment in this sport!

Who is the one horse in your string that never disappoints you?

My pocket Rocket – the Callaho breeding stallion Callaho’s Sampras never disappoints. He has just come back from a long breeding stint on the farm, so he had his first outing this past week end in the 120 classes. He jumped clear all weekend and enjoyed every moment of being competitive again.

What was your overall impression of the tracks over the 3 days?

The grass arena tracks rode quite big, I thought, but I haven’t had a big show since Burlington Cup in early November and I felt quite rusty. Even the 135 in the back arena rode big but like I said I’m quite rusty.

Your thoughts on the new Bob Charter going?

The arena looks amazing. Personally, I thought the grass had been cut a bit short to start the show and this caused some slippery areas – this obviously didn’t worry the seasoned jumpers but the more novice horses were more cautious jumping in there. 

What is your next show and on what horses?

We move now to the wax surface arena of Maple Ridge for the President’s Cup show. I won’t have a big class ride yet as the new stallion is still recuperating after his tie-back operation. I will have the other open team Nissan horses there though: Sampras, Coneisha, Elite Rhythm and Cento.

What are your goals for 2019?

To jump the World Cup series and Derby with the new stallion, as well as have a successful 140 campaign with Cento and Sampras. I’d like Coneisha to finish up in the 135s at the end of the year and Nissan Farnham Go for Gold to end in the 130 classes. I have a lovely 4 year old so I need to get her started too. I think I have an exciting year ahead!

Nissan Easter Festival is one month away. How are you feeling about that show post this weekends performances?

It’s our sponsor’s show and it’s the best week-long equestrian festival on the calendar, with something for every equestrian to enjoy – young or old, jumping or dressage! I’m really quite excited as I have a super, young, up-and-coming string of horses. Cento and Elite have jumped in the main arena since they were young so they don’t mind the big, imposing arena like some horses. Coneisha seemed to enjoy the main ring too. Sampras just loves whatever he has to do. I’ll have the new stallion in the back arena too – just getting to know him a little in the back arena. Like I said, I am quite excited for NEF!

5 minutes with Lorette Knowles-Taylor

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