HQ caught up with Lara Coldbeck to hear about Faithstone Stud and Livery Yard- the yard she runs with her business partner Nikki Austen. HQ: Tell us a bit about your yard and the facilities you offer. Lara: Where to start!? We offer great, large paddocks, with just stallions being separated. There are six stables
A great video from the SA Lipizzaners on applying Ice Man to the hindquarters. The post Applying Ice Man to the hindquarters appeared first on HQ Magazine. Applying Ice Man to the hindquarters
Thank you to the SA Lipizzaners for this fantastic video on inspecting your horse for injuries.  The post Inspecting for injuries appeared first on HQ Magazine. Inspecting for injuries
Sir Swarovski’s (my latest horse) 80cm round with a few almost refusals
Thanks once again to the SA Lipizzaners for this great video on analysing injuries in the horse. The post Analysing injuries appeared first on HQ Magazine. Analysing injuries
Here is an update of why I was so quiet. And also Lockdown happened because of Corona. My sister's Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4Iw8SD96sqOADChqCgWxDw Instagram: HorseFriendsyt
The SA Lipizzaners talk about how they have used Ice Man to support their horse with an injury.  The post Injury case study appeared first on HQ Magazine. Injury case study

HQ caught up with Anel Pelser, Riding Instructor, to find out about her services: HQ: As a freelance instructor, do you specialise in a specific discipline or do you teach across a range of disciplines?  I teach showjumping, dressage, equitation, showing, eventing, EETO, Western Riding and have also done Saddle Seat. I have successfully produced… Read More »Anel Pelser – Riding Instructor

The post Anel Pelser – Riding Instructor appeared first on HQ Magazine.

Riding: Big Three Graded Show at Kyalami Equestrian Park Instagram: @hmieshca
We do this thing with every horse, every ride. We call it anti-flight checks. We do it at a standstill because you don't want to discover you can't stop your horse once you are already moving. The name comes from correlation to a pilot's pre-flight check, but we prefer not to go flying, so they are anti flight checks! We decided to have one of our students explain them for you, instead of having me drone on about it!

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