Space is the operative word in more ways than one in the design of NICE Hair Salon in Jieyang by local design firm Double Good Design. At 1,200 square metres (12,916 sq. ft) in total, the two-level salon is large and spacious, and while it was not designed to accommodate Covid-19-specific social distancing rules, it […]

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By Bronwen Meredith Many of us have been told that the walk is an ‘unfixable’ gait and that it is therefore best to leave it untouched. Personally, I don’t believe this and have had success with several horses in at least improving their way of going in the walk. It is true that it is… Read More »Fixing the lateral walk

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We have so far covered five massive Zhongshuge bookstores in China, all designed by Shanghai-based X+Living: Beijing, Chongqing, Guiyang, Chengdu and Shanghai. The most recent one in the lineup, opened in July, is located in the city of Ningbo. For all of its stores for Zhongsuge X+Living has drawn its inspiration from the culture, history […]

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Nothing can compete with a balanced and well-fitting saddle that provides comfort and freedom of movement for your horse. However, it can be tricky to find a perfectly fitting saddle on a budget or for a horse with an unconventional back. A half pad can correct fit or provide for a suitable compromise, and there… Read More »Half-pads

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New-York-based architect and developer Jared Della Valle, his artist wife Carolina and their two daughters fulfilled the couple’s more than two decade-long-dream of a ‘farmhouse’ by opting for something completely different. Through decisions based on serendipity and determination, they have created a brand-new, minimalist retreat that meets their needs and fulfills their dream yet isn’t […]

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Gareth and Cherokee demonstrate the leg positions of the rollover. Some people believe that disengagement is bad for horses and that rollovers are hard on the horse's body. I fully disagree. This maneuver I learned from Buck Brannaman, it is about timing and feels. Timing and feel are what a good horseman is always trying to improve. Rollovers relax a horse and also create a light workout that employs switching from one quarter to the next (the weight is distributed to a different foot each step of the move).
A question came in from one of my Correspondence Course Students in regards to becoming uncomfortable riding on a casual rein. (Rein in the main stops us from falling on ou brains). For many of you, letting loose your tight and short reins feel so uncomfortable. In this video, we talk about how to get past that and why it is is a necessary part of building your horse's foundation. A horse that is performing without a foundation is not going to make it very far. So, if you are interested in building a connection with your horse and developing your skills to train for performance, drop us an email at or find us on Facebook at Heartfelt Horsemanship. Good luck Chantelle, I promise you can do this and you will feel the rewards very soon. Hang in there, we have all the time in the world to get this right. Happy Trails!
These incredible ladies spent the week with us learning a little more about how their horses operate. When you have better speed control, out rides are more fun and far safer.

Q: I have a problem with a horse who is in a snaffle bit. He works great in it for flatwork but he tends to get strong and ignore my hand aids during jumping. I don’t want to ‘bit him up’ but I feel like he has no respect for the bit and just takes… Read More »AskHQ: Should I use a stronger bit?

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Q: The horse standing in the stable next to mine has a habit of crib-biting and wind-sucking. My horse has started a funny habit of opening his mouth and crossing his jaw when standing in his stable. I have only noticed it recently and I am worried he is picking up on the other horse’s… Read More »AskHQ: Are stereotypic behaviours contagious

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[Q] Our horses are turned out in huge paddocks with lots of natural bushes and shrubs. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of burrs and thorns that get stuck in my horse’s tail. I want to wrap her tail while she’s turned out. Is it okay to cover her tail with a tail wrap on… Read More »AskHQ: Bandaging the tail

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It is not always easy to tell when a mare is going to foal because the length of gestation can vary between 320 and 380 days, depending on the breed, the individual mare and even the weather. The signs you should look for to estimate how long it is before she foals include the filling
Ride, cycle, walk or drive through the great Kenyan wilderness. Borana Lodge is at the heart of Borana Conservancy, with a fantastic view of Mount Kenya. The lodge is perched on a hillside above a dam, where herds of elephant regularly gather to bathe at lunchtime. The presence of water close to the lodge attracts
Riding in the Chyulu Hills of Kenya is what dreams are made of. Unrestricted by roads and vehicles, you will forge your path through the diverse landscapes that Kenya has to offer. Tuning yourself to the rhythm of your horse and the surrounding bush, taking in its awe inspiring natural beauty. You will be more

The five freedoms are a set of internationally recognised and commonly adopted animal welfare standards. They outline what we as animal owners or carers must provide for the animals in our care. These are not just things we must aim to do, but things we have to do in order to be responsible animal owners.… Read More »The five freedoms

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Uber G’s mystery jumping instead of doing dressage… She is in Advanced Dressage at the moment.

CEM stands for contagious equine metritis, which is essentially inflammation of the uterus of a mare, which in this case is caused by a sexually transmitted infection. CEM, despite the name, does also occur in geldings and stallions, but it is the mare who suffers the negative impact of the disease. What is CEM? The… Read More »CEM – what you need to know

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It takes considerable skill to design a house that is brand-new and completely modern yet fits in its rural farmland environment as if it had been there for a long time. The residence that founder Vincent Appel and his team at New York-based Of Possible Architecture designed for a retired couple in the Berkshires, Massachusetts, fits […]

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While no longer new – it was completed in 2017 – the Portland, Oregon, office of Expensify is still one of our favourite office reconfigurations. It features several of our preferred aspects. It is a smart re-purposing project; the space has incredible height and volume, the re-design has not added unnecessary elements or blocked the natural […]

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Riding: Swordsmith Big Three Made Gauteng Team with Swordsmith Instagram: @hmieshca
Riding: Swordsmith Big Three Qualifier 1, Day 1 Instagram: @hmieshca Tik Tok: @hmieshca Please DM me on Instagram if you want to sponsor me. Thank you.

Featured image: Top international riders such as Charlotte Dujardin use electromagnetic therapy on their horses. Many horse owners are curious about the various treatments available to keep their horses in peak condition. With a range of therapies available, ranging from standard veterinary treatment all the way to less mainstream methods such as acupuncture and kinesiology,… 

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For display only, not for sale. We utilise the popular 3D printing technique called fused deposition modeling (FDM). The 3D printed models are not perfect.  Where economics is concerned, if there isn’t a big enough demand or market then there’s no point in making a product, it costs too much.  What about those who did

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