This is Blue the Black Colt, a 2.5r old AQHA learning to lead like a partner and yield to the halter a little better than before. I will keep his progress updated and you can bet this boy is going to feature on our YouTube often. I always remind people that if a horse cant lead well, the cant load well and certainly can't be much fun to ride. How cute is Blue? He is an amazing colt, with a giant heart and a very good brain. He quickly figured out how to back up and follow with a little more thought than when we started this morning.
Gareth and Rose (lovely AQHA Mare) had their ride interrupted but the tiny T-Rex's who eat around the arena. One of the biggest safety issues for horses who are seemingly "spooky" is that they often fixate on their fear which interrupts training. Gareth took this opportunity to help Rose with her natural herding instinct and literally chase the troubles away. Though we think these things are small and of no worry's, horses do see their fears as something that could potentially eat them. Buck always tells his riders to chase the trouble. Gareth got off the green horse, practiced a little groundwork and helped Rose face her fear in a safe and none threatening way. And, it was really cute.
Anticipation Station is one series of patterns we use to make preparations for performance fun, functional and creative
We teach people to never use two reins to stop a horse, but I think this very idea confuses people. In this video we go into a little more details about stopping, or slowing down with only one rein active.
This one is for Lida. Sometimes we get a little stuck when following the horse's feet first. Jamie and Sonny offer some idea's on how to complete this exercise with a better objective.
As you progress through your horsemanship learning experience, you may find that managing the long ropes is a whole skill set to learn in addition to Horsemanship Principles. Jamie and Sonny chat a little about how to stay safe and have a little more fun while you and your partner are learning. If we miss a question, or there is something specific you are struggling with, you can get in touch with us by WhatsApp 0723622620, Facebook or emails and we are happy to answer questions for you.
We need horses that stand and horses that go. The ideal horses has an equil balance of both.
When I don't have the strength or energy to get Bella out and allow her a good run, this can be the next best thing. Though we both would prefer to be out and about, sometimes I just can't entertain Bella's need for speed. This horse should have rally stripes! Speed makes her a very happy horse. Horses do not get to move out at speed often enough and while most people will only ever want to walk at a trot, we feel its important for all horses to have had practice moving at speed around humans in a controlled ad relaxed manner.
Willow and her brother Champ need some help opening up those giant strides. This is one place that groundwork is really fun. Out in the open, working on a longer line, Jamie has Willow work on speeding up her stride without losing her cool! The purpose is all to get comfortable working at higher gaits so grinding out in the open is safer and refined work becomes less stressful.

When Cécile Combelle and Antonio Di Bacco came to Montreal from Paris, they had intended to stay for one year. But they liked the city with its French underpinnings and viciously cold winters and decided to stay and established their architecture and design studio Atelier Barda there in 2012. They have since created numerous elegant projects for […]

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Gareth happily shares little about why we use the rope halter and who we source from, why we use the long rope and the importance of the weight. We are always delighted to talk about saddle options if you have any questions. Gareth also talks about where to source Western Saddles. Our Local Made Saddle are Franco Saddlery in KZN and also other options to purchase reining saddles that are imported.

Q: Why is the horse much less common today in art than he was previously? A: Horses have appeared in works of art throughout history, but the number of horses being depicted in major artworks has certainly tailed off over the last few decades. The first reason put forwards for this by art historians is… 

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Who knew we would be thinking of the ordinary pleasure of going to a movie in our own city with almost the same desperate longing we used to daydream of lengthy luxury holidays in distant places? For now, it’s no movies and no airline travel until situation clears or eventually stabilizes. In Hong Kong the […]

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The Atherton II residence is located in the Atherton area of San Mateo County, about 46 kilometres (30 miles) from San Francisco. Atherton is regularly ranked as one of the most expensive residential areas of the United States. San Francisco-based Leverone Design has completed several exclusive projects in the area including Atherton II that the […]

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Q: What is the best way to educate yourself if qualifications and formal training are out of your price range? If you don’t have the time, desire or money to complete a formal qualification, you can always educate yourself using the following tips: Analyse videos from professional riders, trainers and clinics: Visit YouTube or other… Read More »AskHQ: Getting educated

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EXCELLENT RIDING, LUXURY ACCOMMODATION, SPECTACULAR SUNDOWNERS AND GREAT GAME VIEWING. The Ant’s Collection is made up of two family run lodges offering a unique and memorable bushveld riding holiday – with unique flexibility, excellent riding, free roaming horses luxury accommodation, breath-taking views and exceptional game viewing. This brilliant riding opportunity, situated in the malaria-free Waterberg

Q: What is a fly’s lifecycle and are there ways in which we can control it? A: Flies thrive in stable yards, as horse manure is the perfect environment for them to feed and breed. A fly’s lifecycle consists of four stages: egg, larva, pupa and adult. It takes approximately two to four weeks for… 

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While mares can theoretically come into season throughout the year, the breeding season in South Africa tends to start on 1 August, particularly for race horses, due to the time at which yearlings are generally auctioned at national sales. Breeding is influenced by the length of the day, which gets longer towards springtime. This is

Q: Can Miniature Horses be ridden? Answered by Suzette Ostreim A: Miniature Horses, like any other horse breed, can be ridden, and must be treated exactly like their larger counterparts when being selected for a riding career. Just like with the large breeds, the Miniature Horse must be mature in age and physical development (usually… 

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Q: How do I know if a show jacket fits correctly? A: Show jackets are important (and often expensive) pieces of kit and really can complete your riding look. As an added bonus, a well fitted and cared for jacket can really make a great impression on judges. However, the choice of show jackets on… 

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Nothing seems to slow the expansion of massive Chinese bookstore chains. Once more, we are left slightly stunned by the ambition and scope of the latest addition: a Zhongshuge bookstore located at the Galeries Lafayette department store at Xi’dan Plaza at the corner of Xi’dan North Avenue and Lingjing Hutong in Beijing. Zhongshuge’s first Beijing […]

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Q: How can I make box rest easier for my horse? He is so stressed when the other horses go out in the morning. Asked by Gemma Picken A: Box rest can be really difficult if your horse is used to extensive turnout. It can be especially hard if your horse is the only one… Read More »AskHQ: Box rest

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Q: How do you manage pastures to reduce the incidence of worms? Answered by Jassy MacKenzie A: In the vast open spaces of their natural environment, wild horses would not graze near their droppings, but very few owners are fortunate enough to have this kind of space. In limited space, or where grass is short… Read More »AskHQ: Worms in the paddock

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