Lantana (Lantana camara) is a flowering shrub in the Verbenaceae family. It is considered one of the most invasive weeds in the world, and is classified as a Category 1b invasive alien species in the South African National Environmental Management Biodiversity Act of 2004. This weed is a problem in six of the country’s nine

We are getting more and more bored with the uniformity of branded corporate coffee shops although their familiarity and predictability still feel convenient and safe for many. But we are noticing more unique local cafes opening up even in the big cities where every shopping centre, main street and airport is occupied by the same […]

Cleverly executed retro is always worth another look. We do like Mr Ming’s Chinese Dining, a restaurant that is part of the Ming Fat House cluster of restaurants that also includes Mrs. Pound, Dr. Fern’s, Foxglove, Frank’s Library and Eat Darling Eat. Eat Darling Eat may ring a bell for our readers as we covered the […]

Combining a fully licensed bar, a café and a luxury beauty salon that is available also for private events is possible in Ukraine’s capital city, Kyiv. In many other cities around the world, property rental costs, liquor licensing rules and other obstacles would make this kind of enterprise impossible. But Say No Mo Social Nail […]

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The work of Kengo Kuma, the master of wood, mood and light, will always draw our attention. The 65-year-old Japanese architect and his prolific office, Kengo Kuma Associates completes projects globally that range from tranquil private residences and shrines to stunning libraries, museums and retail outlets. The world’s largest Starbucks in Tokyo in 2019 and Scotland’s first […]

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Q: How long do you actually have to wait to ride after feeding your horse? Asked by May Clarke A: This depends on the type of feed, the amount and how hard you’ll be working your horse. On the one hand, if your horse has just eaten a 0.5kg meal that is mainly fibre-based and… Read More »AskHQ: Time to ride

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I was back at the barn for the 1st time in 2 months.
This recently described syndrome, which affects mainly American Quarter Horses, can be confirmed using genetic tests, says Dr Mac.

Q: Is it true that you need to see two ‘smile rings’ in the corners of your horse’s mouth to know that the bit is hung at the correct height? A: When it comes to how high you should hang the bit, most trainers will tell you that when the bit is adjusted correctly there… Read More »AskHQ: Smile rings

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Q: Can my horse live out? Answered by Charlotte Bastiaanse A: Before domestication, horses used to live out throughout the day and night. Nowadays, horses are generally, at least in South Africa, turned out during the morning and brought back into their stables in the late afternoon. Some yards, however, still only turn horses out… Read More »AskHQ: Living out

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New job, new home and so much more! Let me know what you guys want to see next!

Q: What is the typical racing diet? Answered by Jassy MacKenzie A: In order to meet the extreme physical demands of racing, racehorses are usually fed a scientifically calculated diet which includes high quantities of concentrates. “Your average three-year-old is on 14% protein concentrate, with a very high energy content,” explains racehorse trainer Ashleigh Hughes,… Read More »AskHQ: Racing diet

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Architect and designer Lula Galeano, founder of New York-based Studio Galeón was no stranger to the Swiss luxury watch brand, Audemars Piguet when she was asked to design the brand’s East Hampton showroom on Long Island, New York. Studio Galeón had just completed Audemars Piguet’s offices in Wynwood, Miami, that house the brand’s regional Latin American and […]

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Q: Should I drop my horse’s food to a lower level? He is doing much less work at the moment but I’m nervous to make any changes. A: One key rule of feeding horses is to ‘feed for work done’. This essentially means that when your horse is given time off or a reduction in workload, his feeding should be… Read More »AskHQ: Should I drop the food?

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Thanks to Nadia from River Bend Horse Trails for answering our questions! Check out their info below: Where are you based? We located in Elands Rivier in the Eastern Cape just 20km from Uitenage and 30km outside Port Elizabeth. We are right next to Cocks Comb Mountain in the Elands Rivier Nature Reserve. What rides do… Read More »River Bend Horse Trails

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Here’s a slide show featuring some of the videos submitted for the Palomino Category of the HQ Photography Competition. Feast your eyes on these beauties!  

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There are various methods used to train horses, but the use of treats remains controversial, says Dr Mac.
2 June 2018, the auctioneer closed the bid for Valentina on us. She is the most amazing horse that has ever entered my life❤️
Several features delight us in this compact Church Point residence in Sydney, Australia. Its location is one of them. The house looks toward Sydney’s Pittwater that is bordered on one side by Australia’s second-oldest National Park, Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, and on the other by the beautiful peninsula. Church Point is a suburb in the

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