About 80% of twin foals are aborted by the eighth month of pregnancy, sometimes with negative consequences for the mare, says Dr Mac.
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Clubs offering various forms of health and wellness options have been popping up everywhere, each claiming to be more unique and special than the ones preceding. Whatever you believe in, you are sure to find a club for that, especially in bigger cities. Going to the gym can mean so many things now, not just […]

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Hancock Park in central Los Angeles is a neighbourhood known for its distinctive 1920s residences and its famous inhabitants that include past and present Hollywood stars and other celebrities. Many of the mansions were designed by Wallace Neff, architect to the elite and the famous, who is often referred to as the creator of the […]

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Q: What nutritional issues should I be aware of in my new OTTB? A: Australian nutritionist Dr Nerida Richards, the resident nutritionist at FeedXL.com, explains…

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Q: Why do horses like sugary treats?  Asked by Savannah Grant A: Horses like sugary treats for the same reason we do – they’re sweet…

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Q: What is a hoof abscess? And how can I prevent them in my horse? A: An abscess is simply a pocket of infection that…

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Q: What is Ballerina Syndrome? A: Ballerina Syndrome refers to the situation where a ‘normal’ foal changes within a few days of birth to having…

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