Q: What is public liability cover and how does it work? When can or can’t you claim? A: Public liability cover is insurance cover that…

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Q: Can diet improve heart health? A: While your horse’s diet doesn’t affect his heart in the same way as a human’s diet affects their…

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Q: My horse makes a funny noise when I ride him. It sounds like it comes from the saddle, but my instructor says that it…

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The Pacific Northwest in both Canada and the US is home to several idyllic islands that are known for being partly “old hippie” and partly more industrial or urban. Whidbey Island in the Puget Sound area of Washington State about 50 kilometers north of Seattle is one such island. The south end is known as […]

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Q: Is it possible for horses who are not grey to get melanomas? A: Melanomas are much rarer in horses with non-grey coats, but they…

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Q: I love grooming my boy, but when I go to brush the left side of his face with my soft brush, he tilts his…

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What looks like a tranquil retreat in a remote location is actually a busy family home near Antwerp, Belgium. A couple with three young daughters engaged DDM Architetuur to design their new family home in the town of Brasschaat, about 10 kilometres north of the city of Antwerp. And although the house seems to be nestled […]

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Moscow-based twin sisters Irina and Olga Sundukovy founded their design firm, Sundukovy Sisters or S+S in 2004. In the past 15 years, they have grown gradually to a team of 70 that designs primarily luxury, lifestyle and boutique hotels and restaurants around the world. They have followed early advice to never dream too small and always […]

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Barry and Sheryl Schwartz’s retreat by the Pacific Ocean in Santa Barbara would be stunning even if it were completely unfurnished. The spectacular openness of the structure and the tangible presence of the ocean would suffice. But the luxurious touches added by Barry, the 77-year-old renowned luminary of thoroughbred racing and co-founder of Calvin Klein […]

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Flourist is a retail bakery and flour mill located at 3433 Commercial Street in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. In fact, Flourist is a reincarnation and the first retail store of what used to be known as Grains. Owners and founders Janna Bishop and Shira McDermott founded Grains in 2014 as Vancouver’s first and only artisan flour […]

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Variations of “Poverty is the mother of invention” are quoted often, and we tend to agree with the notion. But poverty in our mind does not mean just lack of funds. Lack of time, space, people and other resources can also help spur the creative process into new directions. We also think that minimalism is […]

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