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By Jax Woods of Jacqui S Photography 1. Clean is the new natural You by no means need to start looking to hire a pro…

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30th Nov 2019

While we dream of an animal abuse-free world, this is sadly not today’s reality. If you suspect abuse or neglect, it is important to take…

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29th Nov 2019

Extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT) is a non-invasive therapy used most frequently to treat soft tissue injuries. In this therapy, a high-energy soundwave is produced outside…

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28th Nov 2019

The Tersk is a breed of horse originating in Russia from the 1920s. It was created to replace the almost-extinct Strelets Arabian breed. Of the…

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26th Nov 2019

Q: What is the longest I can leave my horse unworked without him getting fresh? A: This is a difficult question to answer, because so…

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25th Nov 2019
Kristen takes on the Blindfolded Tack Up Challenge.
24th Nov 2019

Q: How can I get my horse to overcome his fear of water? A: Fear of water is a very common issue in horses. They…

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24th Nov 2019

Q: Why is ‘test driving’ a bit such an important part of the process?  A: When you have an idea of the horse’s anatomy, you…

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20th Nov 2019

By Dr Luke Poore A locking stifle is caused by upward fixation of the patella in the stifle joint of the horse. The patella The…

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19th Nov 2019

Q: Do Miniature Horses wear shoes? A: Miniature Horses have no need for shoes. They have very hardy hooves and with correct trimming they do…

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18th Nov 2019
The ULTIMATE bucket list tick! A incredible once-in-a-lifetime way to experience our pristine coast….Contact Gansbaai & Pearly Beach Horse Trails, (Western Cape, South Africa) Home TripAdvisor: https://www.tripadvisor.co.za/Attraction_Review-g2550320-d13970529-Reviews-Gansbaai_Pearly_Beach_Horse_Trails-Pearly_Beach_Overstrand_Overberg_District_We.html
17th Nov 2019

Q: At what age do horses stop growing? A: The age at which a horse stops growing depends on the breed. Some horses mature in…

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17th Nov 2019

Q: Why do people feed their horses rooibos? A: Rooibos is unique to South Africa and has always been known to be healthy. However, the…

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16th Nov 2019

All over the world and more and more in South Africa, equestrians are seeing the benefits of solarium therapy for their horses. Many professional yards…

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15th Nov 2019

Q: Is a horse smarter than a dog?  Asked by Eve Exley Horses and dogs are very different animals. People often judge the intelligence of…

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14th Nov 2019
In many cultures around the world, we are used to seeing and shopping for fresh items – vegetables, fruit, meat, fish, spices, bread or flowers – at public markets, at individual old-fashioned neighbourhood specialty stores (the butchers, fishmongers, bakeries, flower shops) and of course at large grocery stores. But one […]
13th Nov 2019
Pascale Chandler, a leading Durban painter, established an independent painting studio offering tuition in 1986. Chandler is regarded as an exceptional teacher, with a keen interest in exploring a wide range of mark making, never afraid to experiment with a process that might result in unlocking the magic of the […]
11th Nov 2019
SA’s biggest indoor horse show and so much more! See you there!
8th Nov 2019
Well now really when we go back into falling in love. And say, it’s crazy. Falling. You see? We don’t say “rising into love”. There is in it, the idea of the fall. And it goes back, as a matter of fact, to extremely fundamental things. That there is always […]
6th Nov 2019
A KZN Team video of the ‘2019 South African Western Mounted Games Association (SAWMGA) Nationals’, held at the Afridome in Parys, Freestate, South Africa. All the videos, songs, images, and graphics used in the video belong to their respective owners and I or this channel does not claim any right […]
3rd Nov 2019

All horse lovers dream of a career in the equine industry. Some aspire to be a top coach, competitive riders envision a riding career abroad,…

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1st Nov 2019

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