Q: What could be causing the mould that I’ve found in my tack box? Asked by Jay L.  A: It’s easy for mould to grow…

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Q: How can I tell how big my foal will be when he is an adult? Asked by Tamryn Moolman A: In essence you can’t.…

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Unfortunately the show at Ole Stables has been rained out.They have had around 100ml rain since Tuesday.The show is being rescheduled, pop around soon to check for new dates. Sunday 8 December 2019 – Last show of the year! Equestrians of all ages and training levels are invited to join […]
Date: Sunday 10 November 2019 Venue: EquiVest – 133 Scorpion Road, off Eaton Road, Henley-on-Klip, Midvaal, Gauteng Classes: Levels 1, 2 & 3 (including in-hand)(Participants Rules and tests as per the ANWELtd Website dated August 2019) Contact Felicia Rowan at zaweinfo@gmail.com for more details. You can download the entry form, participant […]
Working Equitation originated in Europe around thirty years ago and is a relatively new discipline in South Africa. This exciting sport was created to test the equestrian skills of both horse and rider in a working environment for farming and cattle herding. Often described as dressage with obstacles, it is […]

In 1653, the first horses arrived in the Cape area of South Africa through the Dutch East India Trading Company. Although the breed of these…

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Baoyan Park is a Chinese entertainment and amusement park brand that operates several multi-function facilities that include movie theatres, restaurants, indoor water parks and other recreational offerings. When Shanghai-based X+Living was commissioned to design a new 8,500 square-metre (91,493 sq. ft) facility for the brand in Beijing, the designers took a critical look at the […]

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The world’s grittiest horse race, Race the Wild Coast (RTWC), was won on Friday, 25 October 2019 when Australian rider Emma Manthorpe crossed the finish line at Kei Mouth, Transkei, ahead of 13 other international competitors, claiming victory.   The dramatic multi-stage 350km race, sponsored by KTC and supported by […]
Q: How can I teach my horse to be more careful with his feet? He just doesn’t seem to pick them up properly.  A: Picking the feet up comes from an engaged, forward and uphill motion of the horse. If you feel like your horse is slow, dragging his feet […]
Q: I have a tendency to tilt forwards and arch my back when I ride. How can I learn to sit up straighter, with a straighter back? A: Tilting forwards and arching of the back can be related issues. Arching of the back can cause a rider to tilt forwards […]
Q: What does swing in the rider’s lower leg come from?  A: Swing in the lower leg comes from a knee that grips, so the first thing you need to do is to stop gripping with your knee (easier said than done, we know)!! Your lower leg needs to hug […]
[Q] Why is linseed oil the new thing to feed?  [A] Oils have been available on the equine market for years now, yet there is still some confusion over which oil to use. While there is technically no ‘bad’ oil, there may be some that are better options for your […]
Hey guys so a week ago remesis decided to chase Bally & Don😂 so just had to post this vid of them i couldnt wait! Ok now this is the last video for a while ♫( Charlie Puth – Marvin Gaye ft. Meghan Trainor ) As always your a fantastic […]
[Q] How do I clean my grooming brushes? [A] Cleaning grooming brushes is vital, not only for your horse’s health but also for keeping the brushes in good shape for longer. Firstly, dislodge as much of the dirt and debris as you can by dragging a curry comb (preferably a […]
Q: What is MSM? A: Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is an effective anti-inflammatory ingredient that has far-reaching effects on the ability of muscle tissue to rebound from exercise stress. MSM is a source of dietary sulphur, a mineral involved in collagen, cartilage, hooves, hair, joint fluid and important enzyme functions. MSM works […]
Q: What causes splints in horses? A: Splints are inflammation or injury of the splint bones in the lower leg and/or the adjacent bones (such as the canon bone) and/or the associated ligaments. Splints are most commonly seen in young horses training at very high intensity levels, such as Thoroughbreds. […]
Riding: Swordsmith Big Three Instagram account: hmieshca
Q: What colours can horses see? A: Horses are not colour blind but they can’t see the same colours as we do. Horses have what we call ‘dichromatic vision’, meaning that they differentiate colours in two wavelength regions. Humans have ‘trichromatic vision’, meaning that we see in three-colour wavelengths. Horses […]
Q: How often do horses have twins? A: Twins are conceived as a result of the stallion’s sperm fertilising two eggs released when a mare double ovulates. Thoroughbreds and Warmbloods are the most likely to have mutliple ovulations, and they therefore tend to have more twins than other breeds. However, […]

The British eccentric interior design is a bit excessive for those of us with minimalist leanings, but if anyone can handle it, it would be Martin Brudnizki https://mbds.com/. The new owner of the private club Annabel’s, Richard Caring, often taps Brudnizki as he did when he moved Annabel’s in 2018  and again this year, when he […]

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In this ‘Villa Series’ commissioned exclusively for The Cool Hunter, digital artist Massimo Colonna draws inspiration from the architectural styles of the Italian peninsular through the ages as he reimagines his successful ‘Pool Series’ from early 2019. ‘The Villa’ collection of digital pieces again features the pool as the ultimate symbol of luxury, wealth and […]

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Q: What is the best way to fall off safely? A: When we ride, we of course aim to stay on the horse at all times! However, horses are unpredictable and some situations are simply out of our control. Each fall is circumstantial and we often don’t have enough time […]
Hey guys so here is another video of me recently riding an amazing mare named Dancer! Thank you SO MUCH my equine addiction for the videos! Hope u enjoy this and leave video ideas 💡 intge coment section!!!!⚡Thanks guys id really appreciate it Bye for now👋❤
First 1.15m! Sorry for being inactive, forgot my accounts email lol… so this is from a while ago… but please subscribe, planning on being a lot more active now.🥰❤️
Hey guys!!! So i have been able to get some horsey clips👌💚 and i will upload more soon Billy was amazing today he came 1st and 2nd in the jumping😊 very proud of him! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53H4rJf9aWI
Q: How does the rising trot affect the horse’s back? Answered by Hayley Kruger A: The rising trot can be a lot more forgiving on the horse’s back than sitting trot. However, riding rising trot incorrectly can also do serious damage to the horse’s back. The rising trot caters to […]
Interview: Caroline Malan Photography: Jacqui S Photography Tell us about your horses I’ve been riding for Linda Ellerine from Back on Track and Rogan Asken for three to four years with these specific horses. At the moment, we’ve got Back on Track Quintino 4 who is a 17-year-old Holsteiner and […]

Close your eyes and think of what a school admin office from the 70s/80s might look like – if you can remember that far back or have seen TV series or movies from that era. Whatever you method of recall, we are fairly certain that the images you envision are not pretty. It’s something worn […]

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Q: How can I create optimal conditions for my horse to sleep? How do I know if he is sleeping enough? Asked by Sarah Heggarty A: Some horses spend so much time in their stables that they oddly enough don’t feel happy to be sleeping there. This can become a […]

Aqua Health Clinic is located in Beijing’s fashionable Sanlitun area known for its fashionable restaurants, nightlife and shopping that includes international brand-name stores such as Apple, Armani and Rolex. The clinic combines traditional Chinese medicine with modern approaches. It uses today’s cosmetic spa technologies and combines them with the ancient traditions to design personalized treatments […]

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