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Q: Should you only use a water treadmill for injured horses? Does a vet need to refer your horse? A: Any horse can benefit from water treadmill exercise. It doesn’t matter what their age or level of activity – all horses will derive some benefit from moving against the resistance of the water. The only
There are a number of different ways of delivering active therapeutic ingredients to the skin of the horse. The application system used generally depends on the disease or the site being treated, and as a consequence the active ingredient usually comes in a variety of different forms. Sometimes it will be necessary to clip the
Decoding the language of skin therapies: Antibacterial – This therapy contains an antibiotic for treating bacterial infections such as infected wounds. Antifungal – This contains an agent for treating fungal infections, like ringworm. Anti-inflammatory – This contains an agent or agents used to reduce the level of inflammation. Anti-parasitic – This contains an agent for
Equestrians are always talking about the horse’s topline, but what is it, and how is it achieved? The topline is made up of muscle groups that run over the top of the neck, withers, spine and hindquarters and which work in unison when the horse is moving correctly and in balance. A strong topline influence
Q: What are heaves? A: An equine respiratory allergy such as recurrent airway obstruction (RAO) commonly known as heaves, is a possibility during seasonal changes. Two of the major causes of heaves are: Increased amounts of dust in the hay or bedding, which horses who are stabled tend to inhale. As a result, the horse
Unlike so many bar designers, Wooton Designers did not take the typical manly whiskey bar ethos and twist it a little when they designed Inns Whiskey Bar. The bar is located in Chengdu, the 7.8 million-inhabitant capital of Sichuan Province where bars of every kind can be found. To stand out, you must do a
Q: Is aloe juice good for horses? A: Aloe has been used by horse owners in many countries for a long time, to improve the overall health and well-being of their horses. Aloe is known, first and foremost, for its beneficial effect on the digestive system and particularly its reported ability to help prevent and
Q: My horse has to be stabled pretty consistently for the next few weeks and I wanted to know how I can make it easier for him? A: Horses are designed to live outside and move all day. They are also trickle feeders so need to be able to pick at food constantly. To recreate
Q: My young Thoroughbred came off the track at the end of last year. He often trips during schooling and I’m just wondering what might be causing this? He has quite flat feet. Asked by Bianca de Silva A: When horses are tripping, it is important to first rule out any injuries, neurological problems, lameness
It is clearly the coming-of-age season for co-working spaces, private business clubs and specialized health clubs. We are seeing grown-up options in all three categories, ranging from elegant and glamorous, to minimalist and highly niche. The WELL, just opened in Flatiron in New York, is definitely not a co-working space or a business club. Instead, it
Q: Why do horses have wolf teeth is they cause so many issues? Asked by Matt K A: Millions of years ago, wolf teeth were similar in size to the rest of the horse’s molar teeth and functioned as grinding/chewing teeth. Back then, horses were forest-dwelling bush eaters, with the cheek teeth being small and
Q: Why should I do #HQHack1000? Asked by an imaginary friend for the purposes of advocating hacking… A: #HQHack1000 is a country-wide equestrian challenge. The goal is to hack 1,000km in your chosen horse-rider combination. This can be done over any time period. All you need to do is to track your own distance and
The EMMETT Technique was developed in North Queensland by Ross Emmett and is practiced internationally across 40 countries. In October, Helen Walker an EMMETT Technique practitioner is coming out to South Africa to teach courses on the EMMETT Technique in the Western Cape, Gauteng and KwaZulu Natal. What is EMMETT Technique?  The EMMETT Technique is
By Sarah Wanless As every horse rider and barn owner knows, rodents and pests are part and parcel of the equestrian industry. We all spend lots of our hard-earned rands every month on pest control, be it for keeping our feed safe from rats or just trialing one of the numerous bug sprays out there.
Many people still believe that white feet are softer and of poorer quality than black feet. However, scientific studies have proved that this is not the case. White feet have exactly the same structure and strength as their black counterparts, with the only difference between the two being in terms of their pigmentation. Therefore both
Coworking spaces have grown up. Gone are the stereotypical – and therefore utterly boring – beanbag, pool table and cereal bar infested startup hubs and in their place, we are starting to see some real variety, elegance and grown-up working environments. Many coworking spaces now offer startups and other entrepreneurs learning opportunities, entrepreneurial and personal
A key element of your training with your horse has to be defining what success will look like for you. It doesn’t matter how other people define success, your own definition must match you and your horse and where you want to (realistically) get to. Creating your definition allows you to create a series of
By Sarah Wanless Certain horses throughout history have generated excitement in the entire population. Put simply, they are ‘famous’. These horses may have created a name for themselves because of their rider, their talent, their story – or simply because they were in the right place at the right time. Move over Kardashians – here
Q: My friend’s horse has been diagnosed with a fractured pelvis, yet the horse is not having surgery. Is this normal?  A: Pelvic fractures are challenging to handle in horses, not just because of the horse’s size but because of the heavy muscling and tissue that surround the pelvic area. This makes surgical intervention such
Q: Does my horse need overreach boots?  A: Overreach boots, also known as bell boots, are worn over the pastern and the hoof and help to protect the heels of the horse’s front feet from being struck by the hind legs during movement. Overreach boots also help to prevent a horse from taking off his
Q: My older horse still seems to love work, but I’m concerned as his stiffness is definitely increasing. I’ve had my vet to look at him, and she agrees that we need to slow down, but how do I do this when he enjoys his work so much? A: Many horses bodies start to slow
‘n Spesiale Boerperd Presidents toekening aan oom Danie Zietsman,… ‘n ware Boerperd Ambassadeur!
By Caroline Malan What makes Derby so amazing for you? Derby is on every rider’s bucket list. It’s a show I have competed in for the past seven years and been lucky enough to jump the big 1.50m once before. It draws large crowds and you get a feeling of overwhelming gratitude to be a
Q: My horse’s fetlocks click when I pick up his feet. What could it be?  A: Clicking joints and fetlocks are fairly common in horses, and are generally speaking nothing to worry about. Clicking joints in horses are very similar to clicking joints like knuckles and knees in humans, where sudden expansion of the joint
Exploring the wonderful ranch where Horizon is based and the neighbouring reserves, makes for some superb riding, with big open plains filled with game such as zebra, giraffe, hippo, jackal, hartebeest, impala, kudu and baboon. With no set itinerary, your riding holiday is fully flexible, and you can enjoy some of the other riding activities
By Caroline Malan Photo credit: Denford Studios What makes Derby so amazing for you? It’s the biggest show of the year and has the most amazing vibe throughout the whole show. The final day is particularly amazing. The show organisers just have it all worked out and everyone has their role. What are your thoughts
The bone cavity in the skull that contains the eye is called the orbit. The orbit is actually formed by several bones and also contains muscles, nerves, blood supply and glands and ducts for producing and draining tears respectively. The white of the eye is called the sclera. It is very tough. The sclera is
Sharing a meal and preparing food together are tactile and intimate acts. In the most humble of shelters as in the most luxurious of residences visitors and guests are invited to share food with the hosts. Regardless of their culture or wealth humans have always ended their working day by gathering for a meal around
The Ant’s Collection is made up of two family run lodges offering a unique and memorable bushveld riding holiday – with unique flexibility, excellent riding, free-roaming horses luxury accommodation, breath-taking views and exceptional game viewing.
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