Lumps and bumps are all too common in our equine friends. Some just need a ‘watch and wait’ approach and others need urgent veterinary attention. The difficulty comes in differentiating between the two variants. Over the next few days we will be running through several of the common causes of lumps and bumps, and what
Q: My mare has osteoarthritis in her hocks, which can make some schooling difficult for her. I want to maintain her fitness, without stressing her joints or making her arthritis flare. Do you have any advice for how best to achieve this? A: Osteoarthitis is a condition that commonly affects older horses, but it doesn’t
Underberg, KwaZulu-Natal  29 August 2019  Horses are very much like people. They are not only acutely sensitive to emotions but also social animals that often mirror our own behaviour and relationships through their actions. As a result, horses can play an important role in healing the human psyche. Gert van Rensburg, clinical psychologist and equine
Sweet itch is caused by an allergic reaction to the saliva of the Cullicoides midge (the same midge involved in the transmission of the dreaded African Horse Sickness). The midges bite the horse, and in horses with allergic sensitivity they develop itching of the mane and tail and, in some cases, the face and the
Six years have elapsed since we last had the pleasure of visiting one of Italy’s most exclusive and best-kept secrets, Castello Di Reschio, way back in 2013 . With so much time having passed we were excited and curious to see just how this estate had evolved over the intervening years. To briefly recap, Castello Di
Castello Di Reschio’s recently opened ‘Ristorante Alle Scuderie’ (June 2019) represents a turning point in the evolution of this remarkable Estate we’ve been following since our first visit in 2013. Along with its nearby soon to be completed boutique hotel (June 2020) being converted from the Estate’s castle (or Borgo to be more accurate), the
Horses are trickle feeders, designed to eat fibre all day long, rather than consuming large meals less frequently. Fibre digestion takes place in the hindgut where a population of micro-organisms break down the fibre, in a process called fermentation, to provide a source of slow-release energy. Fermentation requires a healthy population of bacteria in the

This series of glass fruit explores a familiar ornament of another era and reimagines it in a new form. Through the skilled process of glass casting, the artist pays homage to the blown glass fruit makers, and their collectors, from the 1960’s. The light playful approach to everyday fruit is contrasted with the heaviness of the […]

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Super mare, bred for dressage, jumping her first ever Grand Prix at Kyalami Equestrian Park
Hot and feisty Valentina (Valentino X Condor M) jumping her first 1.10m track confidently.
Small dressage bred mare, doing her first 1.30m track. She was, after this class, the second highest qualifier for the Grand Prix the next day.
Uber G's Mystery winning her Medium Freestyle, with the theme 'the colossal'.
Shanghai-based Wutopia Lab, founded in 2013 by architect YU Ting and MIN Erni, has created a 2,259 square-metre (24,316 sq. ft) flagship store for Duoyun Books in Shanghai. This is not the first time Wutopia has joined the many Chinese design firms recently assigned to design yet another immense and fantastical bookstore. But even among
Q: Why is a concave sole desirable? A: Concavity of the sole is a far better sign than a ‘flat foot’. Part of the foot’s shock-absorbing mechanism is the ability of the sole to drop when weight is put on the foot, allowing the hoof wall to flex, and in some situations to improve traction
No Sunrise No Sunset is a spellbinding pavilion installation created by Kamin Lertchaiprasert, a Thai artist whose works are included, for example, in the Guggenheim collection. To create the pavilion for Thailand’s first Art Biennale held in Krabi he collaborated with architect Suriya Umpansiriratana of Bangkok-based Walllasia Ltd. The Krabi province consists of a group
The white line is the area on the ground surface of the foot that appears as a narrow ring at the outside of the sole but inside the rim of the hoof.
Q: What exactly is thrush? A: Thrush is a bacterial infection that commonly affects the frog. It is often associated with wet and dirty bedding, poor hoof management, inadequate trimming, or shoeing with pads that have trapped dirt and moisture. Thrush is commonly noticed due to the unpleasant odour it produces and the black discharge
Q: If vaccines work, why do vaccinated horses still contract flu? A: Vaccines don’t stop infection entirely, but they increase your horse’s immunity to the infection. This means that the vaccine helps to reduce the severity of the disease and the clinical signs your horse will show. They also minimise transmission of the virus to
Surprising Kristen with something she knew nothing about! Gear I use: Canon 800D and sometimes a GoPro ———————————————————————— Social Media: Twitter: horsefriends_yt Instagram: horsefriendsyt
One of the country’s most sophisticated social and sporting occasions makes a much-anticipated return in 2019.
Poor quality horn in the feet can be suggestive of nutritional deficiencies, and rings can be signs of previous episodes of laminitis.
We recently had a fun day combining Cowboy Dressage classes with the obstacle aspect of Working equitation. Dream Hunter is familiar with obstacles from trail so we had a go.. the big difference being Working equitation is supposed to be at a steady pace... so I started at a trot feeling happy that I could maintain cadence.. in hindsight I should have done it at a lope/canter... it felt like we were out there forever!
Every owner should know their horse’s legs. Every day before and after you ride you should palpate the legs from top to toe, to find any changes from previous examinations. Old injuries are unlikely to cause any issues, but if you know they are there, it can save you investigating the incorrect source of lameness,
Droppings should be in firm, well-formed balls.
Looking at your horse’s condition can tell you a lot about his health.
You should be able to hear your horses’s gut sounds as your horse digests his food by putting your ear to his abdomen.
Your horse’s respiratory rate (number of breaths he takes per minute) should be between 10-24 breaths per minute.
The normal heart rate AT REST for your horse is 28-44 beats per minute. Just as with the human heart, it will increase during exercise.
Check out this video of Camilla Lamb showing us the final recommended stretch for your horses in this series.
Your horse’s temperature should fall between 37.2 and 38.3 degrees Celsius. To check the temperature stand to the side of your horse’s hindquarter and insert the thermometer into his rectum.
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