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Stillness Print Release – Monty Kaplan

‘Stillness’, by Berlin-based photographer Monty Kaplan (Argentina) is a solemn and contemplative piece which instills in the viewer a sense of calmness and serenity.

Top tips for making grazing last

Field rotation. This is one of the simplest options if you are able to divide your field into smaller paddocks. This system means that

Villa de Mûrir Beauty Flagship Store, Garosu-gil, Seoul, South Korea

Collective B, a brand and commercial design consultancy located in Seoul, Republic of Korea, has given a new beauty brand, Villa de Mûrir, its

AskHQ: Veterans

Q: I have a 19-year-old horse who I still ride daily, and occasionally compete. He is sound and in good condition, but I want

Perianth Hotel, Athens, Greece

Athens, unlike some of the other capitals of Europe, is not a city we would describe as glamorous at first glance. It’s been described

Ice Man stretch video 6

Check out this video of Camilla Lamb showing us the fifth recommended stretch for your horses. Thank you to Ice Man and the Lipizzaners

Dressage–Medium Freestyle

Uber G’s Medium Freestyle at SANESA We still have to improve our flying changes, but she is more relaxed than normal! Scoring 65% on the test

1.20m showjumping on Uber at SANESA

Uber G’s winning 1.20m showjumping round at SANESA My showjumping trainer is Dave Miller, from Leopard Creek Equestrian Center in benoni.

Junior Medium Dressage SA

Edit of Uber G’s Medium Freestyle at SANESA

Stadium Eventing on Bamboo de Rival

SANESA Level 7 stadium Eventing on Bamboo de Rival, winning the Class

Youth Champs 2019

Penbritte Equestrian Centre. Riding:Swordsmith Big Three

Q&A with Brunsi von Arnim

Brunsi von Arnim shares stories about her life and how she came to be an equestrian.

(Romeo and Cassidy)Jumping day!!!

My 2 Border Collies having a nice day jumping over big jumps and a couple of exercises.

American Saddlebred in Dressage training

Frenchman, an 8 year old American Saddlebred by the amazing French Legionaire in dressage training! Such a sweet, kind nature!

Les Nettoyeurs White’s Dry Cleaners, Montreal, Quebec – Canada

Inexplicably, some aspects of the street-front retail scene seem forever doomed. Dry cleaners and laundry services are a perfect example of this. Yes, we

14 questions with Barry Taylor

1. How is 2019 treating your string thus far? Companeiro has grown into a top horse this year. He has been 2nd in two


As parts of South Africa adopt the browner hues of winter, fire becomes an increasing concern. Fire poses huge threats to our animals, our

Cool it down

The cool-down is one of the most important parts of your training session with your horse. Just like warming a horse up before exercise

Synephrine warning

The FEI has issued a warning to the equestrian community about synephrine, a banned substance listed on the Equine Prohibited Substances List. A high

Wound types

The six types of wounds in horses are as follows: An incision: This is a cut that has clean, straight edges. These wounds commonly bleed

AskHQ: How can I protect against ticks?

Check the ticks that are present in your area so that you can readily identify them. Perform tick checks of your horse which involve

More Animals!

We got more (little) animals!…

Ice Man stretch video 5

Watch this video of Camilla Lamb from the Lipizzaners showing us the fourth recommended stretch for your horses. Thank you to Ice man and

What are “kissing spines”?

“Kissing spines” refers to a decreased space between the uppermost (dorsal) spinous processes of the vertebrae. The space between the spines can become so

AskHQ: What is leaky gut syndrome?

Leaky gut syndrome occurs when the gastro-intestinal tract is affected either by damage to the cells that make up the lining of the intestine,

AskHQ: Headshaking

Question: What is headshaking and what can you do about it? Answer: Headshaking has a multitude of different causes. It is often difficult to


Just as in humans your horse’s sense of taste is closely associated with his sense of smell. A horse’s tongue is lined with small,



andrew barlow fine art

Born 1970, Harare, Zimbabwe. Studied Fine Art at University of Stellenbosch, graduating in 1992 with a degree in Fine Arts (Painting). website: andrew barlow fine art

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Caryn Bowie

I know horses intimately as an art subject, the musculoskeletal system, the way the coat shines over the muscles and the facial expressions. Pastel drawings of African animals and Racehorses. Digital Photographic Art of African Animals printed on canvas. Mosaic rocks and frames. I live on a wildlife estate in

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Horse Training Beginners

Horse Training - A Beginners Guide

5 Mistakes Horse Owners Often Make When Loading Their Horse

Mistake #1 – Thinking your horse is like a dog or a cat.

Unless the new horse owner has been educated, they may think their horse is like a cat or dog.  The new horse owner may pat his thigh and say, “C’mon” a few times and the horse will just leap into the trailer like a happy dog.

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Horse Training - A Beginners Guide

Another Method of Loading a Horse in a Trailer

Since there is no one right way or one wrong way to train a horse, you may want to change the method you are using to train your horse.  You have several different ways to choose from.  If you are not having any luck with one method you can always try another.

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Horse Training - A Beginners Guide

Bit vs Bitless


When it comes to the welfare of the horse, riders and trainers do their best to ensure that the horse is not subject to pain under saddle. One of the most common debates is about training horses to be ridden with a bit and training them to be ridden without a bit. There are many advantages to both methods. For certain situations, a bit may be more efficient than not using one. In other situations, riding without a bit may be more comfortable to the horse than using a bit. It depends on the situation, the training level of the horse, the rider’s abilities, and the goals that you are trying to achieve with your horse as to which method will work best.  

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Horse Training - A Beginners Guide

Horse Training – A Beginners Guide

If you are either looking to buy a horse or maybe you have already acquired a horse.  Either way the will need to be trained.  Whether you do it yourself or hire a trainer to train the horse for you.

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Horse Training - A Beginners Guide

Horse training, food for thought for beginners

You should practice things your horse already knows before introducing something new. New skills should be introduced on something your horse already knows. Building on previously learnt skills is the key to being successful in horse training.

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