Show happened over 2 days. Riding:Swordsmith 2019
Photography: Denford Studios Social images from the 2019 Nissan Winter Classic held at Shongweni One of the year’s most anticipated showjumping contests – and a… The post Pics from the 2019 Nissan Winter Classic appeared first on HQ Magazine.
This is the first of two videos of why we don't kick a horse to go, or pull a horse to stop
When the items on display are as ornate as the kitchenware and accessories offered at Images d’Orient’s new studio, store and showroom in Beirut, the surrounding environment must remain a backdrop. In their design of the 70 square-metre (753 sq.ft) space, Beirut-based Rabih Geha Architects considered the core aspects of the colourful vagabond brand and […] The post Images d’Orient Store, Ashafieh, Beirut, Lebanon appeared first on The Cool Hunter.
Looking at the images of the sweet Blossom School, it is tough to believe that it is a key part of a real-estate sales centre for Fantasia Holdings project Fantasia Zhihui City, on Chongyang Avenue in Chengdu, China. We just cannot picture nervous moms and dads and business-suited sales agents engaging in negotiations or large […] The post Blossom School Real Estate Sales Centre, Chengdu, China appeared first on The Cool Hunter.
Here is the third video in our series with Ice Man and the Lipizzaners. In this video, Camilla lamb demonstrates a neck stretch that she… The post Ice Man stretch video 4 appeared first on HQ Magazine.
Chris van der Merwe and Capital’s Chantilly take this year’s main title class at the Nissan Winter Classic. It was five days of unmissable showjumping… The post Chris van der Merwe wins the day! appeared first on HQ Magazine.
The Highveld Horse Care Unit cares for neglected equines. Farryn Day of the unit says that a lack of education is the main reason for the mistreatment of these animals.
Designers Chen Xiejin and Wen Wei of Construction Union have created a smoothly masculine bespoke menswear store, Sigar Bespoke, in their home town of Foshan, China. With its dark, hard and sleek ambiance, the two-level, 110 square-metre (1184 sq. ft) store covers some familiar gentlemen’s store clichés. But by focusing on the limitations and possibilities […] The post Sigar Bespoke Menswear Store, Foshan, Guangdong Province, China appeared first on The Cool Hunter.
The Moon CLUB is a magnificent nightclub that opened early this year in the vibrant Dlouhá street area of Prague. What makes this 740 square-metre (7.965 sq. ft) space magnificent is the fact that it is a smart restoration of a former bank. Restorations offer such an incredible opportunity to conjure up something new by […] The post Moon CLUB Nightclub, Prague, Czech Republic appeared first on The Cool Hunter.
We like many aspects of the fantastic Loong Swim Club for parents and children recently completed in a new building in Suzhou, China. Some of the positive points are easy to see: The Alice-in-Wonderland look, the soft colours, the friendly and whimsical overall feel, the clever detailing, the attention to the needs of both kids […] The post Loong Swim Club, Suzhou, China appeared first on The Cool Hunter.
L’atelier is a new ‘pastry atelier’ in Barcelona. The initial premise of the founders, pastry veterans Ximena Pastor and Eric Ortuño, was to create a completely new pastry destination concept. They envisioned an open and transparent space that would house a workshop/studio, a school, a bakery and a showcase/shop for their pastries. They engaged Barcelona-based […] The post L’atelier Pastry School, Bakery And Shop, Barcelona, Spain appeared first on The Cool Hunter.
Traditionally we have been led to believe that thick padded boots and bandages are the optimal way to protect our horse’s legs during work. However,… The post Boots and bandages appeared first on HQ Magazine.

A little update and some jumping! Camera: Me: Canon 800D Lounet: Her phone Social Media: Instagram: horsefriendsyt Twitter: horsefriends_yt
[Q] Why are horses more commonly shed in front than behind? [A] Horses are more commonly shod in front than behind because horses bear more… The post AskHQ: Up front appeared first on HQ Magazine.
[Q] My horse likes to rub his face on me after I’ve finished riding. Some say it’s a bad habit and others say it’s a… The post AskHQ: Rubbing issues appeared first on HQ Magazine.
[Q] What would be the best times to feed a horse who should be fed four times a day if the first feed is at… The post Ask HQ: 4 feeds a day appeared first on HQ Magazine.
We love the idea of a restaurant with its history dating back to 1849. Vitello d’Oro in north-eastern Italy’s ancient city of Udine is just such a restaurant. Udine is a town that has been inhabited since Neolithic times, so although Vitello d’Oro is Udine’s oldest restaurant, it is really just a youngster. The location […] The post Restauration of Vitello d’Oro, The Oldest Restaurant in Udine, Italy appeared first on The Cool Hunter.
It seems that nearly every week, we discover another massive, new bookstore somewhere in China. Their size would represent mindboggling square-footage in any retail category, but it is even more amazing that this kind of growth is happening in bookstores. Isn’t it a known fact that bookstores are a dying breed? And nobody reads physical […] The post Zhongshuge Bookstore, Chongqing – China appeared first on The Cool Hunter.
Check out this video of Camilla Lamb showing us the second recommended stretch for your horses. Thank you to Ice man and the Lipizzaners for… The post Ice Man stretch video 3 appeared first on HQ Magazine.
Top SA Boerperde beskikbaar op die veiling tydens die Nasionale Kampionskappe Top SA Boerperds available on this auction held during the Nasional Championships
[Q] What is the maximum weight a leisure horse should carry (horses who go on lots of hacks up mountains and through water) and how… The post AskHQ: Weighty issues appeared first on HQ Magazine.
[Q] I have a pony who is well behaved most of the time, but sometimes he spins and then runs away with me. I often… The post AskHQ: Spinning top appeared first on HQ Magazine.
Tokyo and Himeji-based KTX archiLAB’s  head architect and founder Tetsuya Matsumoto has recently completed a fascinating wedding venue. with key team members Motoaki Takeuchi and Farid Ziani. The 245 square-metre (2,637 sq. ft) chapel is part of the La-Vienne Wedding Ceremony Hall located in Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. The new structure, called Cloud of Luster Chapel, […] The post Cloud of Luster Wedding Chapel, Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture – Japan appeared first on The Cool Hunter.
Bottomless pockets and extremely good contacts with the landlord are required in most major global retail districts to pull off a concept such as ‘By’ in Shanghai profitably. Using space flexibly and creatively is a common dream of brands. It is not a new idea to mix offerings, switch concepts and curate new collections frequently […] The post Flexible Retail Space For E-Tailer in Shanghai – China appeared first on The Cool Hunter.

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